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The Hole!
That’s the title of our today’s video!
Created by together Sissy Couture (it’s been a long time since we had a new video from one of the best sissy artists ever) and Professor Cumslut… ;)
And it’s definitely not your usual video…
But completely extraordinary and unique artwork ;)
And so powerful and hypnotizing…
As it is said, it’s best to watch with headphones and of course in full screen… ;)
And let it completely take over your sissy mind ;)
Also please visit blogs of both authors:
Sissy Couture:
Professor Cumslut:

Anna Malice


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Alessandra Ribeiro, our shemale of the day, is one of the hottest shemales ever!
And she was featured in so many hot scenes!
So here is another one… ;)
A little bit of her fucking which is not really my thing…
But the rest of the video is hot and she is beautiful ;)

Anna Malice


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Something hot for our amateur collection today!
It’s Jena, one of the sexiest amateur TVs I’ve ever seen!
Some of her videos were already posted on the site before…
And here is she again in her newest video…
Looking so sexy as always!
And sucking on some huge hard cock…
So passionately and with so much love… ;)
Until she makes him cum hard ;)
Like every gurl should do to her man!
Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


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