Hey gurls... I'M BACK! <3

It's been two months since I've been gone... I know you were disappointed that site wasn't available for all that time... And also that I didn't fulfill my promise about launching the new site :( I'm sorry! And I promise I will make it up to you! Unfortunately my private problems and a lot of stressful and hard stuff going on in my life - kept me away from the site and from being online at all... A lot of things happened to me just as I was working hard to launch the new site and I simply wasn't able to run away from that :( At this point I'm really trying hard to sort things out in my life so hopefully very soon I will be able to be online full time like before... Because of you and because of my self... This website and our online sissy community were always my window to the world, my only way to express my femininity and my inner desires.. Without it, without my everyday work on the site, without interacting with you, gurls like me, I feel so incomplete and sad... Even when I'm far away from it and when I'm busy with my private life, I'm thinking about it and about all of you gurls all the time... I know I usually don't keep my promises and I disappoint you... But one thing I told you multiple times, no matter if the site is down for some time or I don't update it, don't worry I will always be back!

Anyway, to cut the story for now... NEWS: The new site is coming, I'm working like crazy right now on it and I hope in two or three days it will be functional :) Just a little bit patience, I'm sure you gurls will love all the things I got for you :) Also, as I've promised yesterday, I brought back the old site for you so you can watch the videos while I'm working on the new site! You can access the old site through this link: http://old.annamalicesissyselfhypnosis.com/! This is just a temporary solution so you gurls can enjoy videos until the new site is functional :)

Thank you gurls for your support and your love!