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Tonight I have a pleasure to present a powerful hypno video…
Created by Bimboanni!
“Learn From Bimbos” is a beautiful work with all classic sissy hypno elements…
So hypnotic!
And bimbos were indeed always sissies’ idols ;)
Also, there is 3D version of this video too!
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice

3D Version:


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Sexy Danielle Marinetto is our shemale star of the day!
This gurl is awesome!
A very nice addition to our collection ;)

Anna Malice


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Gurls, I hope you had a great weekend and now it’s time to continue with our amateur collection!
Today I would like to present our beautiful sister Lexi Lust!
Lexi sent me her videos to share them with you ;)
So watch her having some fun with her BBC lover in this hot video! ;)
And I’m sure this will be inspirational for all of you sissies :)

Anna Malice


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