Gurls, finally after three weeks of the site being down, I got some good news! After a lot of hard work in the last few days on restoring the website, I want to announce that the website will finally back online today! Probably even in a few hours! I will update you here when re-opening is close! We will be running on a new much improved server that should be able to help that things like this never happen again!

Also, first of all I want to thank all of you who sent your donations last week and helped bringing back this site! THANK YOU!!! As I said before, thanks to everyone who sent me emails during all this time asking what happened to the site and showing your love and support! I apologize that I didn't respond to you because I was in such a rush, but I promise I will respond to each and every of you! The site is down for almost three weeks now, a lot of things happened that were out of my control. :-( The site was completely deleted. To be honest, last few months few times I was close to give up! I had a lot of problems in my private life that kept me away from the site often and most of the time I was struggling too much to pay for the site's expenses, your donations help a lot but still it's very hard to deal with the site's expenses every month. But because of all you love and support, because of you who visit the site everyday, those who supported it with their generous donations, our artists who make the best sissy videos and submit them to me for publishing - I knew I don't have a right to give up so I worked as hard as I can to bring the site back for all of you! And I promise it will be even better in the future, because that's what I owe to all of you who followed and supported me for years!

Now I hate to do this, but your support us now needed more than ever! If you would like to help bringing back the website with your donations, you can donate by clicking here! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

With love, yours Anna Malice... stay tuned, gurls!