Gurls, since that huge crash that happened to the site last month I was working hard trying to fix all the problems and keep the site online and it seems that everything is working fine! There is some stuff that needs to be done on the site right now again and it will be closed for very short period of time. As usual, I will activate donation option again. IMPORTANT: If you have donated to the site in the past, no matter when, you should have received an email from me at one point with something that I got for you as my thanks for your support, so please check your inbox/spam folder. :) If you have donated and somehow you have never received a special thank you email from me then feel free to contact me (, same goes for the gurls who donated bitcoin - email me so I can include you on the donators list. :)

If some of you would love to support the site with your donations, you can do it now, your help is needed more than ever. Every donation is very appreciated and only thanks to your generosity this site stays online. For everyone who donate I got a special surprise for you, so expect to receive something nice from me in return ;) You can donate using the buttons bellow! THANKS!


Also, some of you were asking if it would be possible to donate bitcoins, so I decided to try that out too and get that donation option for you too! If anyone would like to donate bitcoins to support the site, you can use this address to send them: