#2003 – DeepSlutPuppy Episode 6: Britney Spears Cum Trainer 2013
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Finally, the DeepSlutPuppy series continues!
Long awaited next episode from one of the best artists on the scene :)
This time very special video!
It’s actually a remake of Miss Cassie’s legendary masterpiece Britney Spears Cum Trainer 01
So DeepSlutPuppy made her own version for 2013… Inspired by Cassie’s wonderful creation…
And of course the sissies’ favorite – Britney Spears :)
I don’t want to go into details anymore, you know what you can expect, enjoy! ;)
Also, I want to share a link to DeepSlutPuppy’s site, where you can download all of her videos in high definition quality: https://sites.google.com/site/deepslutpuppy/

Anna Malice


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