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Well for tonight’s premier I would like to post something special… ;) We didn’t have something like this for some time now… But I often receive requests for more videos like this ;) Anyway, “Cuckold Hypno for Tiny Penis Losers” is a great creation by Shame Chaser… Mixing Isabella’s voice into beautiful video mix… Dedicated […]

For tonight, interesting video for our hypno collection ;) Sissy Cuckold Transformation, by subboicuck… Video made in classic hypno style ;) And it’s especially directed to those who love cuckold fetish :) Thanks to Taiko for the suggestion ;) Enjoy! Anna Malice

I’ve watched this today and I thought I should post it on the site… Even though it’s maybe not completelly our subject matter… It still touches our thing a lot, especially cuckold and chastity fetish ;) And Saturday is perfect for watching a long movie like this, so all you sissies who are into this […]

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