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Tonight another creation by Jena Jism for our hypno collection ;)
And another one that goes to all BBC loving sissy gurl ;)
Who worship and adore black cocks…
And dream about serving them like real sissy sluts ;)

Anna Malice


Very special hypno premiere for tonight!
This is really back to the roots of the sissy hypno art on the new level ;)
The video is created by Bigbanana (another of the newer artists ont he scene)…
Simply titled “You Are The Sissy!”… and I think that title speaks for itself :)
Wonderful creation of captions and another visual effects mixed into hypno audio…
Just let it take your mind, because YOU are the sissy! ;)

Anna Malice


Tonight it’s time for another little throwback…
Another hypno classic that’s been deleted for a long time is reposted!
“Hypno Femdom Mindfuck”, masterpiece by Armanoïd…
Posted sometime in 2012 and lost after that…
Reuploaded for the long time followers to see it again and for newbie sissies to see it for the first time ;)
Videos like this started completely new style of hypno art ;)
It’s so powerful every sissy’s heart will beat fast while looking at these scenes at the same time listening that voice :)
Armanoïd produced series of videos in this style, you can find them all here: Armanoïd

Anna Malice


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