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Ooops, sorry gurls for a little mistake last night…
I was about to publish a new video by Alana Leal and I accidentally published her first one (already published at #2426)… ;)
Anyway, here is the right one, a new sissy video by Alana…
Really a nice concept with using this extremely feminizing song…
It’s so girly when it’s mixed with this video compilation…
Perfect combination and so powerful :)

Anna Malice


Wll, today the Saturday Night premiere comes a little bit earlier than usual ;)
And it’s a great premiere of new Shemale Starlets episode, the 6th episode in the series!
As all other before, created by an amazing artist – Frivolous ;)
Another long play for all you sissies who love this genre…
Perfect for Saturday… So relax, take your time, read the rules once again…
And enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


What have you done to me?
That is a title of a new trainer by Trojansoul…
That I have a pleasure to share with you gurls today :)
For all you sissies on the path of feminization without a chance of going back ;)

Anna Malice


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