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After the last week video, another cum themed trainer from
Bucketofish ;)
Cum Drinkers, it’s a nice tribute to the sissies’ love for real men cum!
And all of us know how that is true…
And that desire of hot cum on our faces, lips and mouth is something that shows our feminine nature the best ;)

Anna Malice


The sixth episode of Slut Hypnosis series for tonight!
Of course, this series are created by HypnoSatisfaction…
Nice instructional hypno…
Teaching sissy sluts how to please their men from the start to the end..
And hot to be the best gurl for your man, how ti satisfy him completely…
Which is the purpose of us sissies anyway ;)

Anna Malice


Second creation by Numberonefan to be posted on the site tonight ;)
“Hypno Lip Service”, superb erotic 24 minutes long sissy trip!
With famous Isabella voice track amazingly accompanied with visual effects and caption…
Resulting once again in great sissy artwork ;)
For all of us who are destined to be sissy sluts craving for cock all the time ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


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