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Today, beautiful new sissy video by Numberonefan!
“Sissy Cock Sucker”…
I always love this combination of humiliation/POV videos mixed into sissy trainer ;)
The result is always so powerful and feminizing! ;)

Anna Malice


Dana is back!
One of the earliest hypno scene pioneers and author of some of the most legendary sissy videos…
…got a new video for you sissies after a longer pause… ;)
“Dark Realization” is a great sissy artwork in Dana’s famous style…
And here is the Dana’s personal message for everyone watching this video:

“This video is potent. It’s used to lock a sissy slave into a submissive stance forever. After repeated exposure, the slave will not want nor be able to escape his destiny: to be a cock sucker forever.”


Anna Malice


Today, new addition to our trainer collection comes from HoldItSissy!
The seventh overall episode of HoldItSissy series…
With the title “Control” ;)
Exciting sissy art creation with captions and everything ;)
I’m sure you gurls will love it!

Anna Malice


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