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For today’s hypno/trainer collection one video different then our usual content…
Titled “Shemale Addiction Hypno”, created by BretD ;)
Usually I receive different requests to post some works from different than our usual sissy perspective…
So this one is actually from the real man’s angle…
With the goal to make men wanting to be with shemales… or sissy gurls :)

Anna Malice


Finally, the DeepSlutPuppy series continues!
Long awaited next episode from one of the best artists on the scene :)
This time very special video!
It’s actually a remake of Miss Cassie’s legendary masterpiece Britney Spears Cum Trainer 01
So DeepSlutPuppy made her own version for 2013… Inspired by Cassie’s wonderful creation…
And of course the sissies’ favorite – Britney Spears :)
I don’t want to go into details anymore, you know what you can expect, enjoy! ;)
Also, I want to share a link to DeepSlutPuppy’s site, where you can download all of her videos in high definition quality:

Anna Malice


Wow, 2000 posts… Who would say that this site will ever go this far…
Especially with all the problems it experienced…
Now, when we are here… Let’s go for another 2000 :)
To celebrate this number, for today we got one hot hypno video…
“Ass Fuck JOI” ;)
Really a nice artwork to enjoy this sissy Saturday…
Great visual effects with addition of hypno voices… Ideal combination!

Anna Malice


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