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Well it’s been a while since we had some humiliation-style video for our hypno collection…
So here is the one for all you sissies who love it ;)
And it’s about your little sissy clitties ;)
Well this is actually nice mix of different pov humiliation videos with hypno voice-over…
Hope you gurls we’ll love it :)

Anna Malice


For tonight Saturday night premiere…
A new artwork from HypnoSatisfaction ;)
“Give Him What He Needs”… Well title already sums it up…
What should be every sissy’s motto :)
And what is shown in the video…
How every good sissy should be completely dedicated to the real man’s satisfaction…
Because that’s what we are for ;)
Sissies with no chance of going back, with desperate need of serving real men ;)

Anna Malice


This Friday night lets prepare for the weekend with one great classic-style hypno video… ;)
With a little bit of everything, hypno voiceover, pics and captions, girly music ;)
All together – very nice sissy artwork!
And it’s about big black cocks ;)
So I know a lot of you BBC-loving sissy fags will love it… ;)
Made by yourmaster…
Special thanks to blue water ;)

Anna Malice


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