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For today’s hypno/trainer collection something different and really original ;)
“Call Of The Siren” is the sissy video created by Courtney Luvcox!
With very unique concept and great realization ;)
This song is so powerful and the way hypnotic messages are mixed into it is great!
Make sure to visit Courtney’s blog too: Sissy Courtney Luvcox’s Diary

Anna Malice


Today for our hypno premiere the video titled “Bimbo Hypnosis”…
Created by Whisper CD, her first creation on the site ;)
It’s a hot and powerful sissy trainer…
In a classic style with music and captions ;)

Anna Malice


Well, for this Saturday night, a new episode from Numberonefan’s production!
“Sissy Bitch Boi”!
Another amazing hypno mix, great combination of audio hypno and visual sequences ;)
Together it makes another wonderful trip for a sissy mind!
So gurls… Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

PornHub video above is of better quality, but for those who can’t see PornHub videos because of recent AdBlock problems, here is the alternative link on Xhamster:


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