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Tonight, another hot hypno premiere!
This is the creation by Cum Princess, titled “You Are A Girl!” ;)
Fantastic combination of hypnotic voice over and amazingly sensual video…
No hardcore here!
Girly, feminizing, erotic… Powerful! ;)
Beautiful feminization artwork!

Anna Malice


Tonight for our collection another nice video by Jamie Delaney…
“You’re a sissy, not a boy” is a beautiful feminizing compilation of sexy sissies pics… With additional girly music ;)
And when you look at all those beautiful gurls you simply know that you want to be one of them ;)
Don’t forget to visit Jamie’s blog too: The Sissy School ;)

Anna Malice


It’s time for another Saturday night premiere… ;)
And tonight I have a special pleasure to present a debut work of a new artist on the scene – Rachel Rexx!
This is volume 1 of her “Traptastic Fantasies” series, title of this episode is “Can’t Control Myself”…
I’m sure you gurls will love this wonderful and exciting piece of sissy art ;)
Great concept and realization!
Also, I would like to recommend everyone to visit Rachel’s wonderful blog: Traptastic Fantasies
On there you can also find a link to download full 720p version of this video ;)

Anna Malice


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