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It’s time for a special Saturday night premiere!
Because I know this is something that the complete sissy community was waiting for a long time ;)
So I’m excited to present a new DeepSlutPuppy episode!
And of course as you can expect it’s another masterpiece!
Another amazing sissy artwork that you gurls will watch a hundred times on repeat :)
But that’s not all!
You all know that DeepSlutPuppy is a revolutionary artist and that she changed this scene and set up new standards in sissy videomaking…
And she is raising the bar once again!
Because her latest episode is the first multiaudio sissy video ever!
Video posted here on my site is the basic single audio version…
But… If you go to DeepSlutPuppy’s website:
You can download the full HD version of the video with 14 different musical backgrounds integrated into it!
Follow the directions and with your video player (preferably VLC player) you can easily switch the song on the video…
That way, with this one new video you are actually getting 14 new videos with the different audio :)
It can’t get better than this :)
Thank you once again DSP for giving us so much pleasure! :)
Gurls, enjoy!
P.S. For all DeepSlutPuppy videos click here: DeepSlutPuppy

Anna Malice


For tonight I have a pleasure to publish some new work by DeepSlutPuppy ;)
Though this is not actually a new episode from her regular series and it’s not actually a hypno video…
But it’s a wonderful tribute to the BEAUTIFUL CD gurl Claire Bunny…
Perfect combination indeed, DSP’s magic video-making skills and unbelievably beautiful gurl Claire is… ;)
There is no better inspiration for every femboi than to see how CD can become a beautiful woman!
And as a bonus there is one more tribute/compilation of Claire Bunny that DeepSlutPuppy created, the explicit one ;)

Anna Malice


Finally, after a lot of anticipation, a new episode of DeepSlutPuppy series! :)
As the title suggests, DeepSlutPuppy decided to temporary go to another direction with this video and to experiment a little…
So this is not really a sissy trainer, it’s more like… well, vanilla ;)
But really another amazing artwork from one of the best artists ever…
And once again I’m amazed with DSP’s video editing skills… Magnificent!
Also, I would suggest you to visit DeepSlutPuppy’s site here:
Where you can download this video to watch it in full HD… And all of her prior videos too ;)

Anna Malice


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