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Well fro the end of this sissy weekend DressMeUpToPlay is back with another of her hot videos!
It’s another amazing artwork created of collected captions and gifs…
One more in her series of similar style ;)
And seeing all this sissy art well combined in a video like this…
It’s always so powerful and feminizing! ;)

Anna Malice


Well, for today DressMeUpToPlay got another beautiful surprise for all of us…
The 5th episode of her “Sissy Boi Gif Training” series! :)
And it’s another incredible and powerful video!
And all those gifs and captions are compiled into a beautifyl piece of sissy art on a completely new level ;)
Enjoy gurls!


Well for this Saturday night premiere something really exciting!
New video by DressMeUpToPlay!
It’s been more than a year since DressMeUpToPlay released her last video…
And now she’s back ;)
And she’s back with the 4th episode of her “Sissy Boi Gif Training” series!
It’s a short and powerful sissy video!
Compilation of various gifs and captions beautifully mixed together…
Enjoy sissies! :)

Anna Malice


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