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After a little summer hiatus… DressMeUpToPlay is back with a new video… ;)
“Night Shift” is an artwork dedicated to the gloryhole fantasy…
Brainwashing every sissy with an idea of servicing so many cocks anonymously… ;)
Something that a lot of sissies dream of…
Because that’s what is in our girly nature… ;)
Obsession and love for a real men cock!
Knowing that we are helpless on our way to complete feminization ;)

Anna Malice


DressMeUpToPlay is back with a new video :)
It’s the third installment of Sissy Boi Gif Training series…
Another superb work with ten minutes sissy pleasure ;)
Captions, pics, videos ;)
Indeed a beautiful creation!
Enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


Sexy Boi Gif Training, Volume 2 by DressMeUpToPlay…
Sequel to the first one posted last week…
Another nice loop of super sexy gifs ;)
This time shorter, but with the addition of the music…
Making it very nice artwork ;)
Enjoy, gurls!

Anna Malice


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