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For this Saturday night a long video to play and enjoy ;)
It’s a 5th episode of Cock Hero: Shemale Starlets series…
Created by Frivolous of course ;)
In my honest opinion, the best episode! Really outstanding!
Also, once again for those who want to download it and eatch it in the full HD here is the torrent download link:
You know the rules so let the game start :)

Anna Malice


After some time, tonight finally it’s time for new Cock Hero video…
And it’s 4th episode of Shemale Starlets series ;)
Created by Frivolous, of course ;)
Anyway, this episode is kinda different than previous episodes…
As its title says this episode all about “shemale – girl” action ;)
So it might happen that not all sissies will find that this is their cup of tea…
But still it’s an interesting and original twist and realization is usually great!
Also, if anyone wants to download this episode in full HD to enjoy it here is the torrent link:

Anna Malice


For our Saturday night hypno premiere, something very hot ;)
New cock hero video made by Frivolous…
It’s the third episode of “Shemale Starlets” series ;)
Great game to play with on Saturday night ;)
You know the rules, click the play button and enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


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