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One very nice sissy trainer for today!
Perfect to enjoy on this sissy Saturday! ;)
“SIssy Clitty Trainer” created by Cheesyshoe!
Powerful hypno audio is always great when mixed with perfect visual effects!
So seductive and feminizing!
Listen careful, watch and enjoy!

Anna Malice


I’m sure you gurls will love our tonight hypno ;)
“Sissy Needs A Daddy”!
Such a powerful mix of hypnotic voice and visuals ;)

Anna Malice


It’s time for our Saturday night premiere!
And tonight I would like to present the second episode from Xixxy Boi’s sissy video series!
With the title “Say Yes!” ;)
Another really amazing sissy artwork!
So powerful!
I’m sure you sissies will enjoy it :)
Also, visit Xixxy Boi’s blog:

Anna Malice


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