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Numberonefan is back!
With a brand new Sissysonics episode! ;)
Now something like this is perfect for a sissy to enjoy on Saturday night!
Long and powerful, feminizing and hypnotic ;)

Anna Malice


Tonight, for our collection, one very interesting sissy video… ;)
“Sissy Hypno Vortex 1″ by Stephanie7!
It’s the first episode of her Sissy Hypno Vortex series!
Such a sensual and feminizing video ;)
I hope you gurls will enjoy it! ;)

Anna Malice


Today, I would like to present something special!
There are sissies around the whole world!
And almost all of our content is in English, so everyone can understand…
We had some videos in French, Russian, etc before…
Now it’s time to dedicate something to all our Portuguese and Brazilian sissy sisters! ;)
Nice training video created by Liny Sissy from Brazil!
We watch Brazilian TS porn all the time, now it’s time for a Brazilian sissy trainer ;)
Much love for all our sissy sisters around the world!

Anna Malice


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