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Hello my dear gurls and sorry for a little unannounced break from posting, I was forced to take a little spring break ;)
But from today we are continuing as usual with out updates!
A lot of sexy new material is coming ;)
And I would like to start with another video from Numberonefan’s production, exclusively for you!
The title is “Pure Sissy Heaven”… Very hot combination of video and audio hypno/training! ;)

Anna Malice


For this Saturday night premiere we are continuing with Fap2MyEx sissy training series!
This is the third episode and it’s dedicated to beautiful shemale star Eva Lin!
Another super quality video and Eva is perfect as a true sissy idol!
Enjoy this video gurls and also check out Fap2MyEx’s blog here:
You can download all three episodes in full HD on there!
Enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


Tonight’s special video fro our hypno/trainer collection is a new artwork by Numberonefan…
We are taking a little breat from “Dreamscape” series to introduce new video: Sissy Lips! ;)
Another highly erotic creation…
With a lot of style and power ;)

Anna Malice


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