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Hello my dear sissy gurls :)
After a little August break, we are continuing with our regular sissification ;)
Today I want to restart the blog activity with an interesting video…
Titled “Be A Good Sissy Girl”…
Nice inspirational video with captions and some beautiful shemale idols being fucked ;)
Enjoy and get inspired! :)

Anna Malice


Another hot work by LaceSlave for our collection ;)
“You Want To Suck Cock” uses classic and well known hypno audio as a background ;)
And mixed perfectly with a hot video in LaceSlave’s style…
It’s really a perfect combination ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


For tonight’s premiere…
Numberonefan presents the 8th episode of his Dreamscape series!
Another long seductive piece of sissy art!
I’m sure you gurls will enjoy this one ;)
I hope you are having a nice sissy weekend! :)

Anna Malice


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