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Dreamscape series continues!
Tonight, ninth episode, created by Numberonefan of course! ;)
20 minute long powerful sissy trip!
Get ready and let your sissy mind enjoy ;)

P.S. I see some of you are reporting that you can’t see embedded Pornhub videos!
Videos work fine and this might be solution for your problems (thanks to Ell1N0x and Kyuki):

“For NoScript users: i had to allow ‘’ & ‘’
just in case the embedding is the problem…”

“If you use Adblock-plus deaktivate it on this site. Because it is blocking Vids from pornhub.”

Anna Malice


For our hypno collection today…
Amazing, sensual, feminizing hypno video by LaceSlave with Isabella’s audio as a background…
“You Want To Wear Panties”…
Nothing hardcore, just a sensual sissy artwork ;)
Feminizing pic beautifully mixed into audio ;)
It really makes you feel like a real sisys gurl!

Anna Malice


Today, hypnotic creation by Lucy Whore for our daily collection ;)
“Dream Cum True”, starts with a deep hypnotic intro…
Transforming into flashing sissy trainer ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


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