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Lets continue with CummLord’s CEI Adventures!
Tonight, it’s time for the episode #3!
Another great sissy artwork ;)
So get ready for another adventure for your sissy mind ;)
And enjoy!

Anna Malice


Well, for today DressMeUpToPlay got another beautiful surprise for all of us…
The 5th episode of her “Sissy Boi Gif Training” series! :)
And it’s another incredible and powerful video!
And all those gifs and captions are compiled into a beautifyl piece of sissy art on a completely new level ;)
Enjoy gurls!


For this Saturday night premiere something really special ;)
It’s a new video by Rachel Rexx, the second episode of her “Traptastic Fantasies” series…
“Dirty Cocksucker”! ;)
Now this is really a brilliant and powerful video with such an incredible concept ;)
Sissy art on another level!
Also, everyone make sure that you visit Rachel’s wonderful blog:!
For those who would like to watch this video in full 1080p HD quality, you can download it from this link:!DtgDiI5S!XJ9TaAxMuB0RWJlagsRrX27Dq11z3fmAN8ORD73xZNw
Also, Rachel would like to give a special thank to HypnoPerv for using their material to create this video, so gurls check their blog too:!
Enjoy! ;)


Since some of you complained that in the first version of this video you can’t understand what the girls are saying clearly…
Rachel was kind enough to remaster the audio for all you and now we got an alternative version of the video with remastered audio so you should be able to hear the girls better if you didn’t the first time ;)
Anyway, below the regular version you now have the new audio remastered version so enjoy! ;)
I will stick this post to the top again for a little bit, so that those who are interested don’t miss the edit :)

Anna Malice



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