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My dear sissy gurls, first of all, I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I hope that 2015 will be an amazing year for all you gurls and I wish that all of year wishes come true :)
Now, I’m excited to start a new year with a really amazing new sissy trainer!
Definitely one of the best sissy videos ever seen and one of the most powerful ones!
This beautiful piece of sissy art is created by SeattleJasmine!
It is her first video that she spent a lot of time working on and the result is amazing!
If you are a part of online sissy community you most likely know who SeattleJasmine is and how much she is doing for our scene!
Her blog is one of the very best on the scene with all those amazing captions she makes!
So everyone make sure to visit it, especially because you can find a download link for a full HD 1080p version of this video:!
I think you all will especially be interested in sissy annual award poll that she creates, I guess a lot of you who also voted in this poll, but here is the link for the result of it so you can see the winners:
Jasmine is also the creator and the administrator of the main Reddit sissy group, one of the best places for sissies to interact and discuss girly things: ;)
And on top of all of that, Jasmine blessed us all with her amazing first video for an amazing start of the new sissy year! ;)

Anna Malice


For tonight, lets get back to the Dreamscape series by Numberonefan once more!
Because the last time we jumped from episode 9 to episode 12…
Not it’s time to go back and publish episode 10 ;)
With the subtitle “Turning Japanese”, it is another tribute to the Asian transsexual erotica ;)
Really a nice ode to the love of cock and real men ;)

Anna Malice


For today, I want to continue with Bitterpill’s Asian sissy trainer series…
“Asian Sissy Sucks For Money” is another video based on the idea of sissies earning money doing what they love the best ;)
It incorporates some parts from other trainer…
And also legendary Kali Atrox POV humiliation video (one of the best ever)… It perfectly fits in here ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


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