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“Cum Crossfire” is the video I have a pleasure to publish tonight!
Created by Johnnyboyred…
Title say it all, it’s dedicated to all you cum loving sissy gurls!
You know that there is no better thing than hot real man cum all over your face ;)
Really a beautiful video!

Anna Malice


It’s been a while since HoldItSissy released the last video…
So I have a pleasure tonight to publish HoldItSissy latest work!
“The Devil Makes Us Sin”!
This is powerful and feminizing video!
Beautifully chosen videos of beautiful trannies…
With hypnotic music and that mindblowing audio hypno voice seducing your mind throughout the video…

Anna Malice


Well, after #2785 – Ultimate Sissy Slut Hypno, that you gurls seem to love very much…
Here is another hot sissy video created by Sissy Slut!
“Ultimate Sissy Cock Worship Hypno” is another beautiful mix of hypnotic voice (Isabella) and beautifully chose video parts…
Another beautiful ode to the love for real man cock…
And that need that ever sissy feels to worship it ;)

Anna Malice


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