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Gurls, as I promised, I scheduled some videos to be automatically published while I’m away…
So that you sissies don’t miss your daily dose of feminization ;)
We almost completed Dana’s 10 level sissy training!
It’s time for episode 9 now! ;)
And in a few days we will complete this amazing sissy training and make a recapitulation ;)
So… Follow the instructions and enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


Tonight I have a pleasure to present a powerful hypno video…
Created by Bimboanni!
“Learn From Bimbos” is a beautiful work with all classic sissy hypno elements…
So hypnotic!
And bimbos were indeed always sissies’ idols ;)
Also, there is 3D version of this video too!
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice

3D Version:


Just before I went on my little hiatus at the end of the last year…
I started publishing our hypno queen Dana’s new sissy training series!
So we stopped with the episode 7…
In the meantime Dana released the rest of the episodes…
So we will continue training on this site too ;)
It’s time for the episode #8: Go To The Next Level!

Anna Malice


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