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Well for tonight something different, not really a hypno/trainer…
Thanks Tamara for sending me this one ;)
Anyway, all you gurls probably know that feeling when you started realizing you are a sissy when you were watching porn long time ago…
And discovered that you watch it because of all those big juicy COCKS…
And you realized that you dream of being in the position of a girl…
And that magic moment when a girl takes out her partner’s cock out…
Here is one great “cock reveal” BBC compilation for tonight ;)
For all those sissies who experienced that magic moment when beautiful cock is in front of you…
And for those gurls who are dreaming of it ;)

Anna Malice


Well, for our Saturday night premiere tonight…
A new video by LaceSlave!
“To Understand” is really beautiful and truly feminizing sissy artwork!
This endless compilation of girly pics one after another…
With all those suggestive captions…
Create an amazing sissy journey ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


The Hole!
That’s the title of our today’s video!
Created by together Sissy Couture (it’s been a long time since we had a new video from one of the best sissy artists ever) and Professor Cumslut… ;)
And it’s definitely not your usual video…
But completely extraordinary and unique artwork ;)
And so powerful and hypnotizing…
As it is said, it’s best to watch with headphones and of course in full screen… ;)
And let it completely take over your sissy mind ;)
Also please visit blogs of both authors:
Sissy Couture:
Professor Cumslut:

Anna Malice


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