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My dear gurls, sorry for the site inactivity for the last week or so…
It happens from time to time that my private life doesn’t allow me to be active as I would love to…
But here I am now ;)
Anyway let’s continue with out hypno collection!
This time with the third episode of Jlodalisque’s training series!
“Fixation” is another beautiful sissy trainer that I’m sure you sissies will enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


Something for BBC loving sissy gurls today!
This is not really a sissy video though…
It’s actually a very explicit cuckold trainer!
But very high quality work!
I am sure some of you sissies will enjoy it ;)

Anna Malice


Hot sissy video for all small clitt sissy gurls ;)
“Natural Order” by Sissyslutcuckoldslave…
A lot of truth in this video ;)
And not being able to compete with real men is one of many signs…
That sissies are made to satisfy them instead ;)

Anna Malice


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