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I really like Bitterpill’s videos!
Not only that is nice to see more trainers focused on Asian gurls…
But also concepts of these videos are so original and hot ;)
And it’s same when it comes to “Asian Sissy Earns Tits” video by Bitterpill…
Really a hot concept and great realization!
I’m sure you gurls will love it :)

Anna Malice


The most excited part for me is when we got a new video from some of the best artists on the scene…
Especially if it’s a new episode of some of the famous sissy series!
And “Sissy Dream” series (first two episodes are under #2459 and #2168) by Dingos75 are definitely among the best sissy videos ever! ;)
And now, after more than a year, Dingos75 is back with the third “Sissy Dream” series…
And it’s definitely one of the best sissy videos I’ve seen lately…
Long, seductive, so powerful!
Perfect visual and audio effects, it simply have to touch every sissy’s heart and soul!
And not only that, it even comes in two language versions: English and Russian!
So I’m sure all our sissy gurls from Russia will be delighted :)
I know that my site is visited by sissies from all around the world…
We are in every corner of this planet :)
So from time to time it’s nice to see videos in some other languages other than usual English :)
Thanks Dingos75 for making this masterpiece and thanks Taiko for sending it to me!

Anna Malice




It’s been a while and Numberonefan is back with a new sissy video ;)
Perfect to watch on another sissy weekend ;)
Anyway, “Sweet Sissy Dreams” is another powerful sissy artwork…
It will get into your sissy mind and enter your deepest sissy dreams…
Your nature, your lust for cock and your desire to serve real men ;)

Anna Malice


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