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Today is a special day for all sissies!
Like it always is when we have a new from LEGENDARY SISSYMAKER series released! ;)
Yes, Emma Nice/Emperorhypnos just released the 4th Sissymaker video!
So it’s time to get excited :)
Every sissy and every fan of sissy art knows that Sissymaker videos are the best of the best of this genre :)
And the 4th episode is no different!
I have already watched it a lot of times on repeat…
3 minutes of pure sissy ecstasy! ;)
Simply brilliant!
I will let you gurls enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


Well tonight I have a huge pleasure to present you this video…
After a long long time a new video by Cuckoldguynj!
With the title “Sissy Black Cock Submission: The New Chapter” ;)
Hot and powerful video!
I’m sure you gurls will love it!
Huge thanks to Tom for sending me this!

Anna Malice


Tonight, lets continue with the next episode of Kim Sissy’s training series!
As, I said the concept of this series is to have one TS pornstar as the main star of every trainer…
And tonight, it’s BEAUTIFUL Kylie Maria! ;)
Another girl that’s among the sexiest new TS pornstars!
And another beautiful trainer for you sissy gurls! ;)

Anna Malice


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