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Today, new addition to our trainer collection comes from HoldItSissy!
The seventh overall episode of HoldItSissy series…
With the title “Control” ;)
Exciting sissy art creation with captions and everything ;)
I’m sure you gurls will love it!

Anna Malice


Hello my dear sissy gurls :)
After a little August break, we are continuing with our regular sissification ;)
Today I want to restart the blog activity with an interesting video…
Titled “Be A Good Sissy Girl”…
Nice inspirational video with captions and some beautiful shemale idols being fucked ;)
Enjoy and get inspired! :)

Anna Malice


Another hot work by LaceSlave for our collection ;)
“You Want To Suck Cock” uses classic and well known hypno audio as a background ;)
And mixed perfectly with a hot video in LaceSlave’s style…
It’s really a perfect combination ;)
Enjoy gurls!

Anna Malice


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