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“Handjob Training” is a perfect and very needed training for all you sissy gurls…
Because, you have to be a master with your hands too… ;)
You have to be able to give your man all kind of pleasure you can…
To satisfy him!
The training created by YVN90 ;)

Anna Malice


Well for tonight’s premiere, one very hot hypnotic video…
“You ARE The Girl!” by LaceSlave!
It’s a beautiful video nicely mixed into Isabella’s hypnotic voice-over…
It’s really so seductive and powerful!
And it goes right into our sissy minds and hearts…
It’s telling us how we feel… Like girls, something we always wanted to be ;)
And something that we are able to be ;)

Anna Malice


Hey my dear gurls, for today it’s time for another sissy episode by Lucy Done…
“Lucy Done’s Cock Worship” it’s another hot homage to big cocks…
And sissy’s love for them ;)
Because there is nothing better for us sissies…
Than a feeling of giving men pleasure ;)

Anna Malice


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