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For tonight, another sissy fantasy visual story… ;)
Created by Kaylynn again ;)
Fantasy of magical transformation ;)

Anna Malice


Well for tonight’s premiere I have a real pleasure to publish the newest video from EvaSissySlut!
“Sissy Sex Slave” is the third artwork coming from Eva ;)
Sissies loved so much the first two episodes, and I’m sure you will love this one even more…
Her works really brings something unique and original…
And also they are so sensual and hypnotic…
Real hypno trip for the sissy’s mind ;)

Anna Malice


Here it comes, sixth episode of Sissychick’s training series ;)
“Daddy’s Little Slut”, another creation in recognizable Sissychick’s style…
Sensual and erotic…
And of course feminizing ;)

Anna Malice


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