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Dreamscape series by Numberonefan continues…
Tonight, with its third episode ;)
And another seductive sissy trip…
I really enjoy rhythm of this video…
It’s really made to slowly occupy your sissy mind while you watch it ;)

Anna Malice


It’s always such a pleasure to post a new work by some of our best artists…
And we were waiting a long time for a new creation by our Master Iggy… ;)
So here it comes, with the title “Submissive Sissy Popper Trainer”…
It’s actually a remake and a twist on DeepSlutPuppy’s episode 4
This trainer is so intense and aggressive, I want to say – for sure it’s not for everyone ;)
Just for sissy gurls who enjoy complete submission and humiliation… ;)
Like the warning at the beginning of the video says ;)
But if you want to be dedicated submissive sissy slut – this is for you :)

Anna Malice


And here is the third episode from Solomon’s Sissy Trainer series ;)

Anna Malice


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