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I’m really a fan of Horken’s artistic work…
Even though his videos are not necessarily created for sissies…
They are still so appealing to us because their main topic are always blowjob, cumshots and juicy real men cocks… ;)
Something that all us sissies love more than anything :)
Same goes for this video…
Beautiful ode to blowjobs!

Anna Malice


Well I kinda lost my step when it comes to Soloman’s sissy series…
So the last one posted was #4 few months ago, so the #5 is in order for tonight ;)
Even though it’s not really a new video, still it deserves to be posted on the site like complete Soloman’s series ;)
Anyway, very nice trainer with some outstanding blowjob sequences for sissies to learn :)

Anna Malice


For tonight’s hypno premiere I would like to present a video created by Sexy Gabby…
Titled “Miss Stakes’s Sissy Trainer: It’s Time!” ;)
Gabby made this video at the directions of her mistress – Miss Stake…
The goal of this trainer is to show all you that it’s very possible and easy to become what you dream of and to fulfill your desires… and duties ;)
To become true cock sucking sissy ;)
That’s why at the end of the video you can see Gabby herself watching videos from this site while waiting for her lover…
and then sucking his beautiful black cock :)
Enjoy and also make sure to check out Gabby’s wonderful blog:

Anna Malice


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