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Saturday Night premiere comes a little bit earlier this time :)
It was nice to see that the first episode of Numberonefan’s new series “Sissysonics” got great ratings!
So for today I have a pleasure to present the episode 2! ;)
It’s another long hypno trip for sissies!
So powerful!
So gurls… Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


It’s time for us to continue with our regular hypno/trainer collection ;)
I have a pleasure to publish this video…
“Lipsdick”, created by Likecrossdress!
It’s a beautiful ode to cocksucking…
And the love that every sissy has for a big real men cock :)
Amazing mix of audio and video ;)

Anna Malice


Today, I have a pleasure to publish new video by Dana!
Legendary sissy video artist whose video “Dana’s New Suck” was one of those who basically started the whole genre :)
And of course many more after that one!
This one is short, but so powerful!
In the style of classic sissy hypnosis…
With those flashing captions that stuck in your sissy mind!
It’s always amazing to me how Dana is able to tell you so much with so little words…
This videos is really making you to take this to the next level and DO IT ;)
Perfect to watch on repeat :)

Anna Malice


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