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And for tonight’s collection, another hot little video by Kaylynn…
Another video story about magic transformation!
Beautiful fantasy to think of as a sissy ;)

Anna Malice


For toinght’s hypno/trainer collection, another video by Jamie Delaney ;)
“Sissy Faggot Cocksucker” is a very unique video…
Because it uses exclusively amateur footage as material ;)
Of course, when you use amateur material you can’t really get HD video quality…
But in return you get realness of real sissy sex…
And endless inspiration from sissy gurls who are really doing it and enjoying their lives ;)
Also, don’t forget to visit Jamie’s legendary The Sissy School blog ;)

Anna Malice


For tonight, it’s time for a new addition to our hypno collection by Sissychick…
“The Longing”, it’s the seventh Sissychick’s episode overall…
IN my opinion probably the best, it’s sooo effective!
Really a beautiful mix of these gifs, videos and captions…
Some of gifs are so incredible with their messages!
True sissy art ;)

Anna Malice


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