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Fort tonight’s hypno/trainer collection…
I present a video by Elle Galore…
“Bimbo Shemale Feminization” is a great hypnotic creation to take you on the way of complete feminization…
And sissy transformation ;)
Thanks Rhonda for the suggestion!
Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


“Handjob Training” is a perfect and very needed training for all you sissy gurls…
Because, you have to be a master with your hands too… ;)
You have to be able to give your man all kind of pleasure you can…
To satisfy him!
The training created by YVN90 ;)

Anna Malice


Well for tonight’s premiere, one very hot hypnotic video…
“You ARE The Girl!” by LaceSlave!
It’s a beautiful video nicely mixed into Isabella’s hypnotic voice-over…
It’s really so seductive and powerful!
And it goes right into our sissy minds and hearts…
It’s telling us how we feel… Like girls, something we always wanted to be ;)
And something that we are able to be ;)

Anna Malice


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