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Finally, after a lot of anticipation, a new episode of DeepSlutPuppy series! :)
As the title suggests, DeepSlutPuppy decided to temporary go to another direction with this video and to experiment a little…
So this is not really a sissy trainer, it’s more like… well, vanilla ;)
But really another amazing artwork from one of the best artists ever…
And once again I’m amazed with DSP’s video editing skills… Magnificent!
Also, I would suggest you to visit DeepSlutPuppy’s site here:
Where you can download this video to watch it in full HD… And all of her prior videos too ;)

Anna Malice


Finally some new BBC trainer material to be posted ;)
So this goes especially for black cock loving sissy gurls ;)
“BBC Love” is an interesting work from Bucketofish…
I really like the effects, how colors and captions are mixed…
Anyway, this is apparently just a shorter version of the longer video that should be released…
But still more than enough to enjoy it ;)

Anna Malice


So Numberonefan got a nice new video for us and I got a pleasure to publish it…
It’s a sequel to “Dreamscape” video! ;)
The first one received great feedback from you gurls…
So I’m sure you will love the second part too :)
It’s another really beautiful sissy artwork…

Anna Malice


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