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Ok gurls, after this little pause we are continuing with our collection ;)
And for today’s hypno collection we got another outstanding artwork…
This one is created by Trojansoul…
And the title is “The Sissy Playhouse”… ;)
Really Trojanosoul made another magical sissy video…
With over 14 minutes and a lot of different things mixed into it…
Making it as a perfect sissy hypnotic story ;)

Anna Malice


I have enormous pleasure and I’m so excited to publish today’s video!
Emma Nice (of Emperorhypnos) is back, and not only that she got a new video out…
It’s that the video is a sequel to the legendary Sissymaker
One of the very best videos of all time, a video that it is favorite to many many sissies… Timeless masterpiece of sissy art!
So when I saw the title “Sissymaker II”, I knew that I can’t expect nothing less than another masterpiece! ;) Like its name deserves!
And of course Emma’s ability to create sissy magic is incredible ;)
So just click play and let the magic take your mind! :)
Also, don’t forget to visit Emma’s blog too:
Enjoy! <3

Anna Malice


For tonight’s hypno collection I have a pleasure to present…
Another work from Coco Transe…
After you gurls loved the last one so much, I guess you will love this one too ;)
It’s actually kind of sissy hypno game…
And Coco Transe gave you the rules at the beginning of the video…
So you can follow them… And have nice 22 min long sissy trip… ;)

Anna Malice


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