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Here it comes, sixth episode of Sissychick’s training series ;)
“Daddy’s Little Slut”, another creation in recognizable Sissychick’s style…
Sensual and erotic…
And of course feminizing ;)

Anna Malice


Barbie fantasy was something always interesting to sissies ;)
We had various barbie themed sissy videos before…
So here is another one ;) Created by Petruccio…
Simple but effective sissy barbie bimbo hypno… ;)
Onca again, thanks Sarah for sending me this ;)

Anna Malice


For tonight’s hypno video we are continuing the Bigbanana’s sissy series…
Tonight’s installment is titled “Sissy Cock Lover”…
Again in the well known vintage hypno style… ;)
With sexy captions and hypnotic voice over…
In variety of hypno styles we got it’s always nice to have some classical hypnos like this one ;)
Enjoy sissies!

Anna Malice


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