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So for today’s hypno collection we are continuing with episeode number 5 os Slut Hypnosis series…
Created by HypnoSatisfaction of course ;)
With Nickie’s “Starships” as the theme song…
Really another beautiful sissy creation…
With great captions mixed into it…
Enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


For tonigh, a very hot addition to our hypno collection…
Another music-inspired artwork by Miss Cassie…
And after legendary Britney series, here is the Kylie Minogue themed sissy trainer ;)
Again, Cassie’s ability to make real sissy magic with her creations is always amazing ;)

Anna Malice


For our Saturday night hypno premiere, something very hot ;)
New cock hero video made by Frivolous…
It’s the third episode of “Shemale Starlets” series ;)
Great game to play with on Saturday night ;)
You know the rules, click the play button and enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


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