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For tonight, sissy hypno creation by G4reth…
Titled “Submission Sissy Trainer”…
Nice sissy artwork in classical trainer style…
With suggestive captions and everything ;)
The style of the videos that my sissy mind enjoys a lot :)
Enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


For Saturday night hypno premiere…
New video from Dana, the creator of some of the most legendary sisys vids ever…
Titled “Red Slave”, it’s kind of sequel and remake of her last video “Young Slave Training”…
With a lot of red color in visual effects, hence the name ;)
I’m always excited to see how Dana creates sissy magic in her well known style ;)
Always able to say so much with subliminal effects and messages ;)
This goes right into your sissy mind :)

Anna Malice


A very sensual erotic vid for tonight for all you gurls :)
“A Sissy’s Dream”… Created by dingos75 ;)
Watching this beautiful piece of art is… like a real sissy dream for me ;)
All this videos and images with hypnotic voice background…
Are really able to touch my inner femininity…
And let it fully controls me… Showing me again what I really am…
A sissy gurl without a chance to go back… ;)

Anna Malice


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