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by kreamykream.. only great fantastic clips..
I really love his style.. the best sequences of hard sex..
the best short parts of wonderful femdomination videos..
voices guide.. attached and mixed in a sublime way.. with captions, sometime!
A sort of hypnotic collage able to conduce you to a total addiction for cock!
great long clip also tonight.. for a superb sissy trip! ;))

Anna Malice

Many thanks for this sublime suggestion, Carrol
this is the femdom type of video that i really love..
I mean.. not only simply femdom.. but really similar to an hypnotic long session..
and, of course, this is an amazing example!! ;)
I’m sure you don’t really deserve to be more addicted to cock,
because the most you.. are just enough..
anyway a good revise of the lesson.. is always a nice and good thing!
There isn’t anything more humiliating to confess to be gay in front of a woman!
it’s your definitive surrender! ;)

Anna Malice

PS. great superb hypnotic premiere also on tomorrow evening.. don’t miss it!

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