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Well for this Saturday night premiere one very long video ;)
Weekend is the best time to enjoy these long sissy sessions ;)
This one is exclusively dedicated to all BBC loving sissies!
It’s created by Mistress Allysin a.k.a. Madysin Kitten a.k.a. Dirtycumslut…
Not classical hypno/trainer, no captions and such…
But rather long ode to white sissy gurls’ submission to black cocks!
Thanks Devin for the suggestion ;)

Anna Malice


from the same author of post #861.. Dirtycumsluts/Mistress Allysin
another fantastic hypnotic clip.. just to addict you.. more and better..
fantastic, incredible video.. without captions.. without hypnotic voice guide..
and effective hypnotic at the same time.. only by the introductive main titles..
because you perfectly know.. what you are… sissy!!! ;)

Anna Malice

ps: first blog anniversary, tomorrow.. on 21/02..
day by day… it was an entire year with Annamalice Sissy Self Hypnosis..
incredible but true! ;))

For the daily hypnotic video.. tonight.. i found something really particular..
a mix of captions and porn clips.. for your recruitment as a sissy!
yes! it seems that Mistress Allysin is looking for a new slave.. able to satisfy her caprices..
well, in truth.. i never seen something like this.. but i find this way to convince new slaves..
not only original.. but really arousing..
reading every caption.. i started to imagine.. every described situation as it was real..
because to make you fantasize about these experiences.. is the immediate result of this video..
not a great video quality, of course.. but a good, nice clip deigns to be posted!

Anna Malice

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