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As Sandra announced some time before on her blog, she is in process of creating her own Cock Hero video ;)
So, that video is finished few days ago and I have a pleasure to publish it on the site :)
Sandra’s artistic magic is already well known to everybody…
So especially for the Cock Her fans this will be a great pleasure to watch Sandra’s talent mixed into Cock Hero concept :)
Btw, Xvideos conversion is pretty low for this HD video, so if you want to fully enjoy it in a fulll high definition and in full resolution, you can download the full 2GB torrent here:
That is the only way to fully enjoy Sandra’s amazing work ;)
Also, don’t forget to visit Sandra’s blog:
Follow the directions and enjoy! :)

Anna Malice


With a little bit of late, another magnificent weekend hypno preimere…
Another fabulous artwork from Sissy Sandra…
With short title, but the title that says so much – “Faggot” ;)
This is really the ultimate masterpiece of sissy art…
Kind of work that sets up new standards on the scene…
So gurls, enjoy this beautiful HQ creation, visual and audio ;)
Also, I want to let you know that Sandra got her own blog now…
So please visit it here:
The most important thing: on her blog you can download all of her videos… In full HD quality!
So you can enjoy them to the fullest! :)

Anna Malice


Well, for Saturday night premiere, the best as always ;) After a while I have a pleasure to post a new magnificent work from Sissy Sandra… One of the best artists on the scene :) Another HQ production, titled “Eat It” :) Of course, another ode to a real man’s cum and a sissy gurls’ love for it :) Enjoy!

Anna Malice


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