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It’s been months since the last story I posted…
So I got a new one for you gurls ;)
And it’s a new story by Mr. S!
And you know that you can always expect great and original stories from Mister’s point of view when he’s writing them ;)
I like how he speaks directly to you… to a sissy! ;)

Helping A Friend

by Mr. S

My longtime friend Steve has been on a string of bad luck. He’s nothing but a drone at work and to cap things off his girlfriend just left him. Best thing possible, I thought. The bitch never took care of his needs and he just lost the confidence to demand any sex. Worse, she refused to give him head. I don’t know how a man could live like that. When I met him for lunch he seemed slumped and weak, hardly filling his suit and almost smaller in the shoulders. We’ve known each other since college and it pained me to see him like that. I suggested a vacation but although he has plenty of money he just can’t get away from work. I suggested we go out for drinks and maybe a little flirting with girls. He told me he just wanted to be alone. Knowing I was running out of ideas and fearing his depression, I pulled my final card. “How about you swing by my place on the way home tonight and let my sissy give you the blowjob of your life?” He knows our arrangement but still hardly reacted to the offer. Still he hadn’t said no. Not giving him the chance, I finalized it. “Done. We’ll expect you around six.” Steve stammered a bit but reluctantly agreed.

“Now don’t forget, sissy. He’s distraught and a little lost. I want you to do everything in your power to wake up the man in him. Encourage his dominance.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll put all my talents to work,” comes your quick reply.

Shortly after six Steve arrives and I greet him at the door with a tumbler of Scotch. We chat and I invite him into the sunroom. He practically falls onto the sofa with his eyes closed and I decide to let my girl do the work. I zip back to the kitchen and send you in. As he opens his eyes he sees you wearing a blaze red bikini with matching heels and lips. Perfect to wake up his inner desires. He adjusts a little but you’re on him quickly, kneeling on the sofa over him. You gently tug on his shirt collar while grinding your hips and whisper, “Like what you see, baby?” He slowly nods a little and you deftly spin around and rub your ass into his chest. “How about now, any complaints?” Steve meekly looks down at your beautiful red bottom with its ruched back rubbing on him and murmurs under his breath. You pick up on it immediately and look over your shoulder at him. “What could I do better for you, sweetie?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just would’ve preferred a thong on you. No big deal.”

“Well,” comes your reply, “Why don’t you just give me a little wedgie?”

Steve is dumfounded but slowly lifts his hands to your bikini and gently pinches the fabric. Exhaling nervously he gives them a little tug and pulls them right up your ass crack. “Oooh!” you squeal, “That felt great. Is that better for you?”

“Yeah, that was fun,” he replies.

Swiftly you kick your legs to one side of him and lay across his lap. “It’s been my experience that thong guys also like to spank. Why else have my butt exposed? Wanna give me a spanking for being a naughty sissy slut?”

“Umm… OK.” Steve hadn’t anticipated this and gingerly slaps your but cheek with no force at all.

“You should spank me harder than that,” you reply as you wiggle. “I want my butt red and burning while your cock’s in my mouth.”

The next series of spanks comes harder and harder as Steve gets comfortable with the fact that you can take a good spanking. As the smacks rain down on your unprotected ass you whimper and squirm adding to the ambiance. Eventually the spanking stops and Steve rubs your bright red ass.

“Does my butt match my outfit?” you giggle as you sit back up kneeling over Steve, facing him. He keeps his hands on your ass still rubbing and tracing your bikini down your ass crack. “It feels so good to feel your wedgie and spanking. Pleasing you makes me so happy.” He keeps rubbing and slowly gets near your asspussy. Quickly you grab his hand and bring it up stuffing his index finger into your mouth and suck it a few times. As you pull it out you tell him, “Go ahead, put it in,” with a wink. He slowly works his finger in and you ride him, bouncing on his finger for a few minutes. You moan and purr and tell him how he hits that “sissy spot” perfectly. You pull your top aside revealing your small hormone tits and pinch and squeeze your nipples right in his face.

After a few minutes of riding and grinding, Steve seems to loose intensity and you pull his finger out and shove it right back into your mouth to clean it. “My ass tastes great on your finger. I think you have a little bit of an ass fetish, honey.”

“I suppose I do…” trails Steve as you get up and go to the endtable and return with a butt plug with a remote. As you lick the plug to lube it you tell Steve, “You hold the remote and turn up the vibration when I’m being a good girl. Try it.” You hand him the plug to test, turn around, get on all fours, and one by one kick your knees up on the sofa straddling Steve. “Go ahead and put it in, sweetie.” He pulls your bikini aside and slowly works the plug into you. Without being prompted he tests it, going from low to high a few times and each time you purr and moan. When he’s satisfied that it works you nimbly stand up but before turning ask him, “Could you make sure my wedgie is tight again? I want to be perfect for you.” This time he firmly grabs your bikini and yanks it up with some force. You jump a little, yelp in surprise, and smile because you have brought back his dominant side. Time to start the real show.

You spin and drop to your knees and bury your face in Steve’s lap. Through his trousers you kiss, lick, and rub your face over his stirring cock. You unbuckle his belt slowly and unbutton his trousers. As you slowly pull down the zipper with your teeth the vibrator rumbles to life in your ass and you moan much to Steve’s pleasure. His cock flops out and you begin to tease it slowly. Light kisses on the tip and delicate licks down the shaft just to rev him up. Eventually you take him into your mouth with one long powerful suck. Steve groans and as you pop off the tip you look up to him and demurely say, “Your cock tastes delicious.” Steve smiles as you plunge back down on his cock and you are giddy knowing no woman has ever told him that before.

After a few more minutes of bobbing, Steve says, “Why don’t you take my trousers all the way off?” He shimmies out of the seat of them and you pull them all the way off and drop them on the floor. The vibrator stops. “Fold them nicely, please,” Steve scolds. You turn, both to fold the trousers and to hide your trampy smile. He’s figured out the reward system. Once folded, you return to sucking. You go through several patterns but Steve must like your corkscrew motion the best because as soon as you do it the vibrator starts buzzing again. The feedback is great. You pause momentarily to tell him, “I love that you control my ass,” and go right back to corkscrews.

After a while the vibrator once again goes silent and you pull back, jerking Steve’s cock with one hand while looking up into his eyes. “What can I do for you now?” you ask.

“Why don’t you lick my balls for a while?” he responds.

“I love licking balls. They hold my prize,” you tell him as you dart under his cock and start lapping at his nuts.

“Is there anything you don’t like doing?” Steve asks, half joking.

“Displeasing you,” comes the quick answer between laps. The vibrator buzzes on.

This continues for a while with various methods of sucking, licking, and teasing. Eventually Steve stops the vibrator and looks down at you saying, “You know, I’ve never been deep throated before.” Before he can finish the sentence your nose is bumping his stomach and you’re straining to tongue his balls. Up and down a few times.

“You could hold my head down if you like… Some guys enjoy that.” Steve does and eventually he develops the confidence to hold you down until you gag and choke. As you sputter and drool on his cock you once again feel the vibrator hum telling you what a good girl you are. This is the heavy work that causes the slobbering and tears that really cement sissy cock submission. Your very breath is controlled by cock and you love it. Best of all Steve is really asserting himself, not caring how hard he is on you.

Eventually he pulls you back and stops. “I’m getting close to cumming.”

“Where would you like to cum? Down my throat? In my hair? On my face? On my tits?”

“I’d really like to cum all over your face.”

“Can I swallow it all afterward or would you like me to let it dry on my face so I smell you the rest of the day?”

“I… figured you would just towel it off…”

“I would never waste a drop of your precious jizz, sir.”

Steve seems taken aback by this response but gets out, “Well then you can swallow it if you like.”

With that you hammer right back down deepthroating. Steve must have liked the options as the vibrator maxes out. Soon you feel his balls tighten and he announces his need to spooge. You pull your mouth back, position your face directly in front of his cock and jerk him with one hand while caressing his balls with the other. You encourage him saying, “Oh yeah, baby. Gimme that spunk facial I want. He erupts creamy globs of cum and you swing his cock around painting your entire face. As soon as he stops cumming you clamp your mouth on his cock sucking the last drops out and extending his climax. He falls back into the sofa exhausted.

“Good job, baby,” you encourage. You sit back. “Take a minute to admire your work?” Steve looks at your well coated face and smiles. You pause briefly, smiling before you begin pushing all his cum into your mouth using just one finger. Slowly you work it all in and lean in just a little to show off how much is there. To Steve’s amazement you flick your tongue around and gargle his jizz before shutting your mouth, swallowing in one gulp, and opening to prove it to him. Once done, you eagerly tell him, “Your jizz is delicious. That was wonderful.”

“I’ve never had a blowjob that good or intense,” Steve lazily admits. “I wish that all girls were that dedicated.

“The fact that all girls aren’t that dedicated is the reason sissies exist. Could you do me a favor and turn off my butt buzzer?”

“Oh! I forgot it was still on.” The vibe shuts off.

You reach back, pull the plug out, and begin to lick it clean. Steve is noticeably turned on.

“Maybe I need a sissy,” he muses as you lick and giggle. You’ve done your job well and look forward to a reward from me. He’s happy, eager, and horny even though he just had the best orgasm of his life. Thanks to your good work Steve looks like a new man.


Hey gurls, for today I want to publish a nice illustrated true story by Slutty Chrissy…
For all the sissies who loves gloryhole stories ;)
Chrissy also produced one of the videos posted a long time ago: #501 – Sissy trainer by Slutty Chrissy
Enjoy your read and also visit Chrissy’s blog:

Gloryhole first timer

by Slutty Chrissy

This is a true story of an experience I had last week. I hope you enjoy!

It all started this past Thursday on my lunch hour. I was feeling especially girly that day and I decided to make a detour to my favorite little adult bookstore/lingerie store.

I walked in and slowly browsed around, looking at the lingerie and dresses, just enjoying the feel of all the different fabrics and the unique, incredibly sexy smell that is a combination of stripper perfume and sex toys, with just a hint of dirty old man thrown in. There is nothing hotter than that smell. Well, almost nothing – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I picked out a cute little black dress, a pair of matching velvet and lace panties and a black teddy with a skull print all over it.

I went back to work, and snuck into the bathroom to try on my new teddy. I spent the rest of my day wearing a teddy and thigh high stockings.

I felt so sexy, I just wasn’t ready to go home when I got off work. I headed to a local strip club – I figured maybe a lap dance could be fun – some hot stripper noticing that I was wearing lingerie under my clothes should be sufficiently humiliating for a sissy like me.

I wandered around the strip club’s adult boutique for a while – looking at their lingerie and sex toys. I was getting ready to head to the main club when I realized they had a “movie theatre.”

I had been to this club before they remodeled and they had a bunch of booths and a small theatre with 2 TVs and some couches and since I hadn’t checked out their new theatre I thought “Why not?” I was expecting a small room with a couple of couches and a TV or two, but what I found was a row of booths.

I took my time strolling down the hallway, noticing the tell tale stains on the floor of each booth – some dried, some fresh – and noticed the hard plastic chairs hastily shoved into each booth. When I reached the end of the hall I noticed that the chair in the last booth was plush and inviting. Since none of the booths were in use I grabbed the comfy chair. I quickly stripped off my boy clothes and threw some money in the video machine.

I scrolled through the videos until I found one of this hot brunette bimbo with huge tits, servicing three cocks at once. I was so jealous of her – not jealous of the men getting their knobs polished, but jealous of this bimbo who had 3 cocks all to herself, and I had none. I turned a little in my chair to get more comfortable… and that’s when I saw it. What I had wanted to find for so long – a gloryhole!

Before this club had been renovated there were no gloryholes and they strongly discouraged “cruising.” I never expected to find one now. I stared in stunned silence. Holy crap! A gloryhole! And then the cruel twist of fate dawned on me – the theatre was empty. There I was all dressed up, horny as hell and ready to suck only inches away from that magic portal that would deliver cum-filled cocks. But there were none to deliver. I resigned myself to my circumstances, pausing for a moment to wipe my finger in a fresh cumstain on the floor, tasting the bitter salty sweetness of some stranger’s seed. I found a full condom on the floor too and dumped its contents on my chin, loving the feel of it sliding down my neck and pooling on the fabric of my new teddy.

But then I heard the theatre door open. I kneeled down on the floor (putting my stockings into another puddle of jizz!) and put my eye up against the gloryhole. Someone entered the booth next to mine. I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. I had never done this before! I sat back in the chair and waited – paralyzed in excitement and fear. I saw an eye peering through the hole and decided to give him a show. I did the sexiest little dance I could muster, then bent over and wagged my tight ass at him. When I looked back the eye was gone, but I hadn’t heard him leave, so I stuck a finger through the opening and gave him that “come here” motion. As soon as I pulled my finger back there it was. A cock. Some anonymous stranger’s cock. I did what any good sissy would do and wrapped my lips around it.

He was a little soft at first, but I quickly felt him harden in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock, licking his shaft, slobbering all over him. I took him all the way in my mouth until my face was pressed against the hard plastic wall of that booth. He began to pump in and out of my mouth, face fucking me like the dirty little whore I am.

Before I knew it I was alternating between swallowing his cock and begging him for his cum. LOUDLY begging. Like some desperate gutter slut who had to have it to survive. Like a junky needing a fix. I felt him jerk in my mouth and then the first spurt of his hot sticky load showered down the back of my throat. Wave after wave filled my mouth, until I couldn’t keep up and I began drooling cum down my chin.

When he had finished depositing his cum in me, he pulled his cock back through the hole and left the theatre. I slumped on the floor, spent from my first gloryhole blowjob. I sat there, with yet another load of cum on the floor soaking into my panties, my random stranger’s cum beginning to dry on my chin, neck and chest. It was a glorious feeling and I took in my surroundings. On the screen some random pornstar was blowing bubbles with the cum that had just been deposited in HER mouth.

Only this time I wasn’t jealous. I had my own cumload to play with. So I joined her.
I then got dressed and headed out, cum still glistening on my chin and neck, the acrid salty taste fresh in my mouth.

It’s time for a new sissy story today ;)
This is a premiere story by Artful Tongue…
Exclusively on this site, A New Adventure (Part 1) ;)
Enjoy your reading gurls!

A New Adventure (Part 1)

by Artful Tongue

Ever find your self on a new adventure, but it wasn’t exactly new, because you have been fantasizing about it extensively? I have and I am here to tell you, it… is… a… trip. Mine started the day I walked into All Things… Kat was tending bar, dressed in a sexy nymph outfit, leggings, short earth colored soft material skirt, a fun loose fitting shirt, hair all wild and tossed and tall and slender. Electrical charges shot up and down my spine, and the energy I saw immediately charged my groin.

“Wow, this girl is charged,” Little did I know where this adventure was going to take me exactly, but it really didn’t matter to me as the charge was what it is all about, and the charge here was stupefying.

Auburn hair, green eyes, tongue-lisously slim with a flowing hourglass shape accented with a full set of breast, greeted me as we exchanged a quick glance up and down each other’s bodies.

“Hello there sweetheart, I’m Kat, or Katherine, what can I get you tonight?”

To think I had just stepped in off of the street that cold, bitterly exhausting dusk to warm my feet, hands and have a quick glass of wine before moving on to the boredom of my railroad flat?

“How about a glass of pinot noir,” was my slow response as I took in as much as I could of those green eyes and auburn hair. Oh, and that fragrance that she left me with nearly put me over the edge. I knew right then and there that whatever adventures I could have with her I would, and I would go on them willingly.

We talked animatedly for a few hours, exchanging little stories of our life journeys, what we liked, what we didn’t like, and even touched base upon sensuality. The conversation from hello till she started to close up shop was incredibly flirtatious.

It was so flirtatious when she told me she was closing up for the night, that I was welcome to stay, and that I would have to accompany her to the office to do the days paper work, an affirmative shake of my head yes was all I could muster. I just hoped I didn’t droll so much that I turned her off.

Grabbing the bottle of pinot Kat topped off my drink, slide her hand across my fore arm, up towards my upper arm gently squeezing and saying in that low whispery voice that was driving me nuts, “I’ve got to lock the front door, turn the light off and then we’ll head upstairs to the office, ok baby. If you’re not comfortable let me know. The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable.”

“”I like you, I like talking to you and am really glad that I dropped in for a drink. It’s really been fun, so why not, let’s see where this conversation takes us.”

Walking around the bar as I was responding, Kat walks close to the bar scooting the stools back in under the bar and when she gets behind me a feel her hands grab me by my midsection, I feel her breathe on the back of my neck as she whispers, “I have to ask if you are comfortable as there probably is going to be some very unexpected things happening upstairs, and lord knows I am really into having fun, and for some, fun is a bit different than fun is for others. I hope our sense of fun overlaps, and over laps a lot.”

After locking the doors, turning the house light off and dimming the other lights Kat slides back along the bar reaches out with her right hand, grabbing my hand she pulls herself into me, never breaking eye contact, moistens her lips and starts to kiss me gently on the cheeks and then lips.

Electricity shoots down my spine and before I can get a handle on this, her tongue is probing around my lips sliding in between my lips, gently prying my mouth open with so much ease she has her tongue in my mouth and we are locked down in a full-blown French.

Stepping back she says, “Oh I see you like that.”

“Of course I do, I’m not a fool. I think you are so hot. Man all I want to…”

She places her fingertips on my lips and says, “be careful of what you wish for.”

“Ok, but I am full speed ahead.”

“Well, that sounds encouraging but why not be slow speed ahead, after all, considering the plans I have in store for you, slow speed ahead might be a better strategy.”

With that I feel her left hand come to rest upon my left thigh, she starts a soft caress that gets the blood flowing to my groin. Before I knew it she was working the crotch of my pants as she kisses, licked and even sucked me from my mouth to behind my ear.

“Let’s go baby… follow me ok… it’s time to cook the books, ha, ha, ha.”

Visually, I was soaking all of her in, as much as I could and I still couldn’t get enough. My eyes took in her ass, all of it: the fullness, the firmness, the shape, the fluidity of it, with out a doubt, all I thought about as we walked up the stairwell was: was having it for myself. The walk up to the 2nd floor wasn’t long enough. I drifted into a fantasy of us getting naked, kissing each other all over our bodies, of her going down on me, and me going down on her. I fantasied of me sucking that clit till she was dripping wet with her moistness and mine, then turning her over and massaging her ass to the point that she would take my cock in there as much as she would in her pussy, but not until I had eaten it out. I found myself licking my lips and just wanting to get to that part as soon as I could.

We got to the second floor walk a few steps and stopped in front of the office door. “Once you’re in here, I don’t know if I’ll ever let you go? Last chance to leave, in or out?”

“Oh I am so in it’s ridiculous, after you my fine Kat,” I answered firm and true.

“Ok, here we go, your life will never be the same. I guarantee that.”

Kat opened the door, from first glance an office like all others and then I noticed some of the furniture seemed suited more for a home. I liked it. It made me feel comfortable and secure all at once.

“Baby, sit here and I’ll be right back ok,” Kat directed me pointing to a nice stuffed chair. She disappeared into an adjacent room and after a few minutes return with hands behind her back, with a different skirt on, one that was floor length and accented her hips in how it was cut and fitted. All of this I admired greatly. Her breasts were on full display now as she unbuttoned a few more of the buttons showing off her cleavage.

“Ready for an adventure sweetheart?”


“Ok close those eyes for a few minutes.” I did and shortly after that I heard a match light and then smelled the distinct odor of pot, followed by her exhale blown into my mouth and face. Still I kept my eyes closed as instructed. She took my right hand in her hands placed it on the arm of the chair, did the same with the left arm, slide in close to my face, gave me another breathe of pot, kissed my lips, licked my lips, placed her finger tips on my lips and said, “don’t move, keep those arms right where they are, and suck my fingers.”

And I did, in fact I thought I’ll be silly and I said, “yes mistress please allow me to suck your fingers.’

Smack! Right across my cheek with her open hand, immediately followed by, “keep those eyes closed, don’t speak and listen carefully. You agreed, you came into my bar for a reason. You followed me up to this office for a reason. You are sitting in my chair allowing me to have my way with you for a reason. I knew the moment you walked into my bar that you would comply to everything I wanted you to do. I know that you have an open mind. That you want to expanded your experiences. So this is how this is going to pan out. I am in fact going to be your mistress and you will comply. You will behave in accordance with my every whim and those whims started the moment you walked through my door. Now, this isn’t a joking matter, so when you say, ‘yes mistress’ say it when directed to and with utmost devotion. Or I will throw you to the wolves. And you quite frankly are not ready for that.”

Throughout this little talking to, I never once opened my eyes, my arms stayed on the armrest of the chair and I listened as closely as I could. With eyes closed and full attention given to Kat I hardly even noticed that she was tying my arms to the chair and my ankles also.

“Now my little captive one, open those eyes.”

When I did Kat stood in front of me with only that beautiful floor length skirt on. She had coconut oil in her left hand and was pouring some out into her right hand, placed the bottle down and rubbed her hands together. Cupping her breast she asked, “do you like these girls? You may speak.”

“Yes mistress I do.”

“Good because here they come.”

Kat walked across the floor, straddled my legs, started to lower herself on to the seat of the chair by bending her knees till they were on the cushion and then slide up towards me bringing me those beautifully full oiled breast.

“Kiss those nipples my little submissive one.”

I did.

“Just kiss, no sucking yet, and please control the amount of tongue. Ease into loving my nipples, ease into loving my breast, ease into loving all of me, because if you start slow now, what you have to go through next will be so much more exciting. Again, you may speak.”

“Yes mistress, I wish to ease into everything with you.”

“Oh my little compliant one, did you just say you wanted to ease into everything with me? That is so good of you because you have no choice now. Not only are you my little submissive and compliant one, you are going to become my little slut whore. You will be quite the slut whore, one that you have never been before. Oh you are going to give your body to me to do with it, in whatever way my desires lead me. How’s that sound my little compliant one?”

“Yes mistress your desires and my compliance.”

“Ok, here’s your first reward for being so agreeable.”

With that she lowered herself down to my groin, unzipped my pants, forced them down over my hips towards my knees and then ankles and started to work on my cock, which by the way was quite hard and full.

First she got a good dose of coconut oil on her hands and then started messaging my cock with full firm strokes. Never did she take her eyes off of it. She also didn’t speak much except for the occasional, “oh, I see you are excited, ready,” and, “umm, maybe now I’ll suck that little monster.”

Then she lowered her head and started to kiss my tip of my cock. She even puckered up and started to lube the entire head with her lips. After a few minutes it became apparent that Kat was in no hurry to suck it. She was quite happy using the techniques she was. As she lubed my head up her left hand slide up and down my shaft working my cum up from my cocks treasure trove of sperm resources.

After a few more minutes she lifted her head and said quite matter of fact, “my little compliant one, my little submissive one, do you think you can treat my clit the way I have treated your cock? You may speak.”

Yes mistress I think, no, I know I can.”

“Good, after all this, and so many other things, this will be expected of you, if you are to be my little slut whore. My little slut whore who just wants to pleasure who ever I wish for you to pleasure.”

Kat said all of this as she walked behind me and continued to tell me about our future together as she blindfolded me, “you see my little slut whore. I have been waiting for you to walk in to my bar. In fact as I said, I knew what you are all about the moment I laid eyes on you. Now I wonder, do you see the same thing in yourself that I see in you?”

By now Kat had positioned herself in front of me again. I could tell as I felt her legs brush up against the outside of my legs. She lowered herself onto the seat cushion again and leaned into me and stepped up so she was standing on the seat cushion.

“Now my little submissive slut, my little slut whore, the task is to treat my gurl clit, that’s gurl spelled g-u-r-l, treat my gurl clit the same as I treated yours, after all you may not realize this but this is the first day of your training.”

Kat braced herself with her hands on the top of the backrest of the chair, I could feel her weight shifting forward, and then I felt it, and it all made sense, and I didn’t have any problem with what was about to go down. In fact I was the most excited I have ever been. I felt the tip of her gurl clit greet my lips in a soft sweet gesture of here I am soft, firm, erect and wanting your lips all over my tip and head.

‘Oh mistress,” slipped from my mouth, “yes, you may speak” was Kat’s response.

“Oh mistress, I want your gurl clit deep in my mouth, I want to feel you fuck my mouth so deep. I want your cum, I want to taste you, I want to be your personal slut whore who is a total fuck toy for you, and who ever else you may want me to please.”

“Ok, open that mouth, suck my cock you little cock sucking slut whore, from today on, you will be my personal little slut whore who loves tranny cock, shemale cock and even straight cock. That’s it baby suck that cock. Here let me take it out a bit, work the head, that’s it work it till you feel cum rise and slip out of the tip. Suck it, yes suck it, yes, yes, yes suck it, that’s it you little submissive slut whore cock sucking sissy.”

And with that she backed off a bit and manually pleasured herself till a bit of cum appeared on the tip.

“Have you ever eaten cum, my slut whore, have you?”

“Yes mistress, I have.”

Whose cum have you eaten, and do not lie to me I will know.”

“My own mistress, in fact your cock is the very first cock I have ever had in my mouth. That is the truth mistress, that is the truth.”

“I believe you. And because I do you may have some of my cum.”

And again her cock was directed to my mouth.
“That’s it, glaze your lips with my cum, yes, that’s correct, now pucker up, yes, suck now – don’t shallow yet, glaze those lips more sweetheart. Rub your lips over the tip, that’s it nice and easy, see now you are learning how to really love a cock. Oh believe me the time when you can be a nasty cock slut that wants totally control of hard juicy cock, that day is getting here sooner than you think.”

I would learn to love it when Kat went off in her long sexually explicit diatribes. God it got me so much harder, wanting to be taken. Kat knew how to use her voice. All of the sweet tones and soft whispering voices that she accessed, all of it made me want to be an unadulterated fuck toy.

She continued: “Lick a bit off. That’s it my little cock slut. I can see clearly, that you are going to be quite the wonderful cock-sucking slut. Here, lift that sweet little hetro-fuck face so I can suck tongue with you. That’s it, lick those lips full of sweet cum,” and with that she was on top of me, tongue gliding over my lips, darting into my mouth, full mouth sucking down on full mouth, tongues rubbing up against each other, and the tongue suck where your partner clamps down on your tongue with suction and gives you a tongue blow job. I loved it and I loved all of it.

I did rub Kat’s cum all over my lips. I licked her cum from my lips, bringing it to my mouth, tasting her bitter-sweet fuck juices as I liked to call them. The little we shared glazed both of ours mouths, and both of our mouths glided freely across and over each other. The cum we shared got my cock even harder as pre-cum started flowing immediately. When Kat saw that, she carefully scooped some up on her fingertips and offered it to my mouth.

“I want to see how much you like cum, slut whore. Are you going to be a cum slut also? Here let me help you get more of this creamy cum.”

She worked my shaft up and down milking more of my juices from my cock and drained my cum onto her fingertips and finger. Lifting her hand to my mouth she spoke firmly yet encouragingly, “open that sweet cum loving mouth of yours my little slut whore. Here get your cum, that’s it suck your cum from my fingers, suck my fingers like they are my cock, my friends cocks.”

I did, and I did knowing full well that I wanted more and more. I did knowing that I wanted Kat to make me the biggest, best, most enthusiastic slut whore who loves cum and cock that she could make me into.

I sucked the cum from her fingers and licked it off of her palms with the enthusiasm that any cum slut whore’s mistress would be proud of. I wanted her fingers to be perpetually covered with the bittersweet tasting nectar of cock and I wanted her fingers to fuck my mouth with total abandon. I wanted to be Kat’s personal super slut cum whore solely because I wanted cock, I wanted gurl cock, because I knew I wanted to be the ultimate sissy cock slut offering my mouth, my tongue, my hands, my cock and my ass to Kat and her friends to use and abuse as their own personal fuck toy.


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