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Let’s start this sissy Saturday with an exclusive new sissy story ;)
“Angel’s Den XXX Emporium”, this story is written by Coriander…
And shared for all of you to enjoy! ;)

Angel’s Den XXX Emporium

by Coriander

“Nice shoes.” I smiled politely, trying to be nonchalant, looking down at the orange and pink plaid patterned tennis shoes I was wearing..

“Thanks,” I answered half sarcastically. “They are my girlfriend’s. I spent the night, and mine got thrashed in that storm.” It was true. The rain last night was glorious and long, and my normal shoes would probably squeak the puddle water out of them for a week. We were both thoroughly drenched when we got back from the movies.

I was hanging out at the front of the store, close to the non-threatening toys, oils, lingerie, etc., unsure of where the day would take me.

He smiled at me. I was starting to get some idea of him. Just as much as anything, I like to watch where the people go. It was pretty classic for an adult type store. I guess I should have a better, more lurid name for them, since I go so often. But I go to bookstores, like real bookstores, so in my head, that name is already taken. I’m still pretty naive about all this.

He was tall, so I could see where he was going. It was a pattern I had seen before. Somehow perhaps the store was set up that way. Maybe they all are. I could write my thesis about this pattern. A slow spiral from straight to lesbian. I was hoping I knew the next stop. He looked pretty normal, but he was definitely following the yellow brick road. I was only curious whether or not he’d take the bypass to BDSM. But it is always just a stop.

He noticed my shoes. He was going to end up in the “tranny” section. I felt a little weird about them calling it that at the store. But I guess expecting any social sensitivity at a store like this was a little too much to ask. For the first time ever, I decided that I might end up there, as well. This time it might be a different kind of browsing.

I wandered between the aisles. I wondered if I was following a pattern, too. Even as a kid, sneaking into this kind of store, I got a weird thrill from it all. It reminded me of an even younger time, on family trips, sneaking into the fireworks stores in South Carolina. There’s a whole dangerous world out there, kids. I wandered through a couple straight sections. Don’t get me wrong. I loved it all. This felt very, very new. Maybe it was because I knew where I was going.

I walked by the toys, fingers running over the shiny, colorful packaging. I almost felt like winking at a particularly lewd dildo. I’d really only played with one, but this one looked different. Then I did wink, and it was ridiculous but I felt so sexy. That wink built up inside me like a hiccup, and I had to let it out. But I walked on. Past the fetish clothes. Not my thing, but maybe his.

I am short. He’d have to listen for me, toys and shimmering clothes clicking and jiggling as I ran my hands over them, bouncing down the aisles.

I was bouncing. I felt so happy right then.

I was back by the videos. I looked up into one of the bubble mirrors hiding a security camera. He was close. He did make the BDSM detour, but they do trick you at this store. It’s a subtle transition from vanilla to that section of videos. And I was home. Where I felt so comfortable.


I am a pretty normal guy. A typical 23 year old. 5’6”, not thin for sure, but not crazy fat. I have a cute girlfriend. Still, I have obvious breasts, some quirk of drinking too much milk (or maybe hoping too hard). But I mean, I read comic books. I like record stores. Always though, all of it was people watching, I guess.

I looked down at the sneakers. They were cute. I was cute.

I was bent down, looking at some glorious tg girl video box. I heard the bell over the door ring. No! God I hope he didn’t leave. I turned around, already in half pout, and there he was. Close. No, closer than that, girls. He was very much in my space. A space that I wanted to share anyway, from the moment I saw him.

“Don’t pout, sweetheart.”

I was dizzy all the sudden. But if there was one thing for sure, I stopped pouting. I smiled shyly.

“Sorry,” I apologized, for just about nothing. He still hadn’t moved, and neither had I. I looked up at him, biting my lip. I wanted to jump up on my tippy toes and just kiss him, but I was not that girl yet.

“I hope you’re not sorry for that thong.” He noticed! Under my boy clothes, which felt so scratchy and weird all the sudden, I was wearing the bottoms to my girlfriend’s bikini. The top must have been peaking out over the waist of my shorts as I bent down to look at the video, which I dropped when he startled me.

“I dropped…the…” My voice tailed off into a whisper. I bent down at the waist to pick up the video. And I made my decision. When I popped back up, I was Coriander.

A slut. A bimbo.

“I am sooooo clumsy!” I have a pretty reasonable voice, high as a boy, so if I use a few mannerisms, say the right things, it is very feminine. Part of this little journey has always been phone sex. The first time a guy asked me for my number, I wanted to cry with joy. When he asked me if I would rather call instead, I was even happier. “No, I like my men to call me.”

He smiled. He had to notice the transformation. I smiled back at him. More confidence this time. The confidence of an adorable, empty headed slut. Something for a wolf like him to devour. I had him, and there was no way I’d survive. He took the video out of my hands.

“I hope yours isn’t that big.”

It was true. The girl on the cover, while gorgeous, exotic…just utterly alluring, also had a pretty big cock. But I didn’t want to talk about mine so much yet. “Who cares about my little clit.” I wanted to let him know, though, that it was definitely not that big. “I hope yours is bigger, though!” Oh Coriander, I thought to myself. I was proud. Proud of being this bimbo slut.

He just smiled again. I could have reached for it. His cock was right there. But I didn’t. And not because my confidence, Coriander’s confidence, wavered. Because that confidence was growing. I wanted to play just like this some more. Not much more, but I wanted a whole moment. I bent back down to put it on the shelf, hoping he would see that I was also wearing the matching bikini top under my tshirt. I had been feeling the dangling spaghetti straps tickle my back the whole time. I told you I was cute!

I sprung back up again, and I knew I was right the whole time. He slipped my hand into his. Just for a second. Or an hour. He understood the moment, but that definitely moved it along. I felt my clitty rub against the lycra of the bikini bottom. We walked for a few steps, still holding on, before he let go to reach for a video. Just a couple looking to spice things up. I was in heaven. He showed me the box, and I just acted so dumb, it was perfect. No, I wasn’t acting. I was dumb, and all I could do was trust him.

He asked me, “Ever go to that aisle over there?” He gestured to the BDSM aisle.

“Let’s just stay here for now,” I whispered, as slutty as possible.

“I have a better idea.” He grabbed my hand again, leading me to the back. “Don’t worry, baby. I know the people that work here, and they never check the booths.” My smile widened, my perpetually bit lip pulling free, finally. I wanted to skip. His hand was so large compared to mine. It was just this complete feeling of wonderful, wonderful powerlessness.

He opened the door for me, and my knees almost buckled.

I had been in the back before, but only out of curiosity. Like I said before, I was very naive about all of this. It was just so dark, and even though the store was dead, there were a few guys in there. They looked at us walk in. They looked at me, really. The door closed, and I slipped my tshirt over my head. I loosened my boy’s shorts and they fell to the ground. I stepped out of them, and I felt perfect. He took my hand and led me further in.

Then I did it. Finally. Up on my tippy toes, he pulled me close, and leaned in for a kiss.

And as natural as tippy toes felt, as girly, as silly, as perfect, held by a man, there was something else. Gravity pulled me down, out of his embrace, and onto my knees. I could feel him watching. All of them, there could be two, there could be fifty, all of them were watching me almost climb down his chest, his waist, till I was where I belonged. I unzipped his pants, easing his cock out. Still soft, it was porno-big, which was my only real experience other than dildos until this moment. I posed with it for the audience. I could only see their eyes and their hands sliding down to their own cocks. TV screens flickered lighting everything just enough.

I turned back around, licking the fat head. It barely fit, but it was such a perfect feeling. Soft yet hard. And then harder. Precum was already gushing. My clit throbbed in the bikini. I slipped it farther and farther in until I choked. I could feel his smile. I guess he was waving the others over. There were gorgeous cocks all around me, but all I wanted was for my man to cum. I groped and felt and caressed them all, and god yes, I wanted them to cum alllll over me, but I wanted his cum in me. I choked and choked, almost crying, gagging. Trying to fit every inch in me. His moans spurred me on. Deeper, deeper in my throat, till I felt his balls on my face.

Heaven. A minute. An hour? Forever?

I could tell he was close. I didn’t know what to do. I know this is what he liked, but I wanted to taste his cum so badly, and his cock head was practically in my stomach. I eased off of it, wanting it so bad. But he knew, and pushed me back onto him, hard. He held me there, suffocating, and in heaven. And then he came, and I looked up at him. Thank you. I’m sorry. I love you. I need you. Whatever he wanted to hear, I was trying to say it with my eyes.

The other guys came too. One by one, and he slowly let me ease his softening cock out of my throat. I gasped for air, knowing I was his forever. I eased my hand off his balls and touched my own sticky panties. I don’t even know if one of these perverse demons made me cum, or if it was just submitting to him. I brought my hand back up to my mouth, licking it clean. I brushed my hair out of my eyes.

He took my hand and lifted me up off my knees. I wanted to rest against him, but I was covered in cum. He guided me back out, tv screens still flickering, the crowd around us back in the shadows.

The store was so bright. I didn’t even think of my boy clothes until we were halfway to the exit. Just me in these cute sneakers and a ridiculously cute bikini, and my man. I giggled. We got to the door, and the girl behind the counter smiled. I smiled back.

Looking up at my man, I giggled, “I guess you should meet my girlfriend!”

He smiled as I asked the girl at the counter, “Bridgette, eventually go and get my boy clothes, please.”

“Sure thing, Corey,” she replied.

“It’s not Corey. It’s Coriander.”


Very hot and original story written exclusively for this site by PrincessDickLover… ;)
I’m glad that I have an opportunity to share it with you gurls ;)
Don’t want to introduce it too much, I will just let you enjoy ;)

Ashley’s Good-Bye Kiss

by PrincessDickLover

Erick walked through the front door into an empty house… again. “Sasha must be out late with her girlfriends,” he lied to himself for the third time this week. He and Sasha had been together almost five months now and after the second month, she started spending all her time with her “friends”. Erick was already suspicious of her since he knew most of her so called friends were guys she either knew from before they met or her girlfriends introduced her to. He knew for sure when he noticed she was always dropped off by a different guy every time she came home late. Sasha also became increasingly aggressive, always telling Erick how much less of a man he was the more she got to know him.

Erick always thought he looked a little feminine, but Sasha’s harsh words began to eat away at him. Her calling him less of a man made him feel even more like a girl. It hurt him at first, but Erick slowly began to adjust to the idea, so much so that he started to picture what it would be like. On one of the nights he found himself alone, he decided to try on a pair of her panties, just too see how it felt. As he slid them on (rather easily he found) the soft cotton hugged him gently and he couldn’t deny that they felt good, and the figure in the mirror didn’t look half bad either. Although his ass was a little hairy, it filled in the shorts nicely; even the bulge in the panties looked naturally sexy.

Since that moment, Erick began to question his sexuality. He began searching the web and found “sissies” and began to wonder if he himself might be a sissy. Just for fun he started watching some of the hypnosis videos. Erick never really thought he might be bi, but the cocks in the videos didn’t look so bad. Soon he began dreaming about them, wanting them for real. On more than one occasion he stayed up late into the night watching video after video and jacking off, he even began drinking his own cum and found the taste an amazing salty-sweet. Sasha almost caught him a few times, but Ashley (as Erick began thinking of himself) was always careful to never be caught. Oblivious Sasha kept bitching at Erick, telling him how little he was and if she wanted to, she could have any other man she wanted (not that she didn’t already).

On a particular Saturday night, Sasha came home drunk and mean. “You shouldn’t be surprised if I ever decide to leave a pathetic excuse like you,” she told him. “It’s no wonder I always go partying with my friends, just look at you. You never do anything! One day you’ll wake up and wish I was still with you Erick.”

“I’d love to spend more time with you Sasha, but you never want to be with me…” Erick truly meant that, he did want to spend time with Sasha, he did fall for her once after all even though he questioned why now. “Whenever we went out together, you always left me to talk to your friends or someone you had met. You even left me standing at the bar while you danced with another guy!”
“Well maybe if you were more of a man, I wouldn’t have to keep myself entertained. Besides, I’m just having fun. If you can’t deal with it, then you better learn to be man enough to at least break up with me, otherwise I’ll just keep having my fun!” Sasha said as she stumbled back into the bedroom and passed out.

Or maybe I should be girl enough to break up with you, Ashley thought. The next morning Ashley woke up alone with a note from Sasha saying she’d be back late again tonight. Ashley had made several supportive friends online and all of them agreed that it was time for her to leave the bitch. Ashley spent the rest of the morning preparing for a plan that she had been thinking about for weeks. She painted her nails, shaved her body smooth, and took forever applying her make-up perfectly. Then for the next few hours, Ashley played detective, hunting the guys Sasha had been spending most of her time with. All of Ashley’s girlfriends online were so excited for Ashley, and that made her even more excited! Ashley dressed up as sexy as she could, while wearing as little as possible: long knee-high socks, a short rainbow miniskirt, and a pair of lacey, pink panties. Now that everything was set, she just had to wait for Sasha to come back.

The second Sasha walked through the door, she began to hear moans coming from the bedroom and in a fit of jealousy ran to see who that pathetic Erick was cheating on her with! She was aghast at the sight she saw: there was Erick, or at least it looked like Erick, getting pounded in the ass by a guy she went dancing with just a few days before!

“Oh, hi Sasha! I was wondering when you’d get back!” Erick gasped between moans.
“Erick? Is that you? What are you doing with Tim!?”
“Please call me Ashley, Baby. Tim and I are just having some ‘fun’!”
“Erick, I mean Ashley, what the hell is going on here!?” Sasha said breathlessly and wide-eyed as Derick, another guy she knew well, appeared from the bathroom and began receiving an eager blow-job from Ashley.
“Why are you so surprised? You always said I wasn’t much of a man, so I decided to become a girl, who knew I’d be so good at it!?” Ashley giggled between slurps of cock. “Oh, and by the way Sweetie, we’re over. In fact, I think you’re nights out with these guys are over too, they seem to like me much more!”
“Sorry Sasha, she’s right, her mouth is amazing!” sighed Derick.
“And she lets me take her in the ass, you wouldn’t do that no matter how drunk I got you,” Tim said while still pounding Ashley.

Sasha began to cry. She never expected this to happen, never in a thousand years. She always thought she was going to be the one to leave Erick; she was always the one who left the guy… But Ashley wasn’t part of her plans. She even got two of her best studs at the same time! Sasha hadn’t even had that yet!

“I wouldn’t mind one last kiss good-bye though,” Ashley said with a twisted smile. Tim pulled Ashley hard onto him as he grunted loud, a sign Ashley was waiting for. “That is, as long as you kiss my cum filled butt good-bye!” Ashley giggled and turned around while Tim grabbed Sasha and rubbed her face into Ashley’s cum dripping ass. Sasha began sobbing hard as her face was forced into Ashley’s butt, which made Ashley moan and take Derick’s cock all the way down her throat. Ashley came right then and there with Derick’s dick spurting in her mouth and her ex’s face in her ass. Sasha ran wailing out of the house as Ashley giggled and cackled, wriggling her butt down on Derick’s cock. It was the best night of Ashley’s new life!


Nice new addition to our story collection…
Short true story personally sent to me by Leggy Blonde Tgirl…
She also wanted me to share it with you, so you can read it and get inspired ;)
And I’m delighted to know that this site inspires someone in life ;)
Here it is, exclusively for you gurls!
Also, visit her blog:

First BBC Story

by Leggy Blonde Tgirl

Hi Anna!

I thought I’d write to you because you might like to hear my news. I’ve been a fan of your site for a long time. This is an absolutely true story.

Over time I’ve become ever more conditioned by your videos to submit to my sissy desires – and especially aroused by Big Black Cock!

I’ve had quite a few meets in my time but mostly they’ve involved me sucking cock and taking his cum, which I adore, of course, but it has left me craving a good hard fucking to really satisfy my slut desires.

Watching BBC clips on your site together with the motivational instructions to fulfil my sissy destiny, I have found myself growing more and more receptive to the idea of daring to try BBC if I ever got the chance.

So, when I got a message on an adult contact site last weekend from a black guy in my city looking for a sissy bitch I instantly replied.

That evening, I drove to his apartment and as pre-arranged, quickly changed in his bathroom. I looked good: new black and white animal print dress, whalenet stockings, thong, and ankle boots, looking hot in a blonde wig. I stepped out of the bathroom to be greeted by a well-built middle-aged African guy. He stepped over to me, kissed me deeply, took me by the waist and backed me into his dimly-lit bedroom, pushing me back onto the bed and pinning me under him.

Before I knew where I was my big black guy was on top of me, kissing me and running his big hands over my sides, thighs, and ass, parting my legs, and rubbing his hard crotch against mine, letting me know he was in control – sissy heaven!

Soon, he was slipping home my anal bead dildo into my excited cunt before rubbing his hard cock against my smooth belly and thrusting his tongue down my throat whilst I stroked his shaven head and moaned softly.

Then, he squatted over me so I could tongue his balls and ass, before lowering a hardening black cock to my parting lips so that I could suck him to its full extension, feeling it swell and throb in my mouth and push deeper into my throat.

After several contented minutes bobbing my head up and down on his beautiful black cock, occasionally helped by his hand, he withdrew and got me into position, ass up on the edge of the bed, whilst he lubed my cleft and put on a rubber.

I arched my back and presented my sissy ass to him, and he put his fat cock between my cheeks, sliding it back and forth to lubricate it before pressing it against my opening…. First I felt the hard engorged head engage… then a second later his full length, filling me and thrill me.

He got his hands on my hips, put his foot up on the bed, then started to thrust into me, grunting as I gasped and started to work my hips back onto him, taking his big black cock deep into my pussy. “You like that bitch?” he snarled, as I gasped and sighed with pleasure, finally knowing what it was like to take a big black cock thrusting up my ass. “Oooohhh yes Daddy” was all I could manage in reply, as I succumbed to waves of aching anal pleasure. I was lost in the ecstacy of knowing I was on all fours taking a dominant black man’ deep inside me, his fat cum-filled balls slapping against me, finally getting fucked like the slut I was meant to be.

My powerful black lover fucked me to more than one anal orgasm as two hours went by in a flash. I finally finished up by sucking his magnificent BBC until he ejaculated in my mouth, filling it with his hot cumload for me to swallow contentedly.

My first ever BBC turned out to be the hottest experience I’ve ever had – and I’m making myself available for his use again soon!

To all you sissy slut readers out there who haven’t tried it yet – BBC is thoroughly recommended! Give into your sissy desire! Try it – you’ll love it – I did!

Leggy Blonde Tgirl


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