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Ok so lets continue our blog activity with amateur collection as usual :)
Nice little compilation of various sexy sissies and CD’s having sex with their men…
Enjoying their sissy lives :)

Anna Malice


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Ok so what was supposed to be a Saturday night premiere video comes a little bit late because of some technical difficulties ;)
But it’s very worth of waiting! Almost a year worth waiting ;)
Yes, it’s been almost a year since one of the best sissy artists ever Emma Nice/Emperorhypnos released her latest video…
And finally here is the new one and it’s a third installement of the legendary Sissymaker videos!
After the first two Sissymaker masterpieces, Emma is back with another absolutely amazing artwork!
Video and audio effects, tempo and power of the video, everything is just perfect and something that sissies will enjoy for months! :)
Also, bellow the video you also got an alternative version of the video without kaleidoscope visual effects ;)
Also, make sure to visit Emma’s beautiful blog:!
Thank you Emma for creating this masterpiece, sissies enjoy! :)

Anna Malice

Alternative version:


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Isabelly Ferraz is one of the most beautiful shemales ever!
That pretty exoctic face…
And her curvy body… With those beautiful big boobs!
Every scene with her is great ;)
And here is nice little inspirational bathroom scene for our shemale collection today ;)
Enjoy sissies!

Anna Malice


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