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Another nice homemade video, another sexy sissy sister in action :)
A lot of sissy gurls in the world live their dreams and do what they dreamed about all their lives ;)
So as sweet CD gurl Lucy ;)
P.S. As you can see I changed the title of this category a little…
This category started a long ago with a lot of BDSM content…
Then slowly over the time amateur content prevailed…
Because it’s favorite content for a lot of you, and me too ;)
So I will slightly change the category’s title so it would better describe what kind of videos are in it ;)

Anna Malice


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For tonight’s hypno premiere, another artwork from G4reth… ;)
From time to time it’s nice to have some works on the site with different subject or different point of view…
Like some people ask for it sometimes ;)
So this work is directed more to the ones who are attracted in shemales in kind of different way ;)
But anyway very nice video for all to enjoy…
Especially those who dream about some nice shemale cocks ;)

Anna Malice


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Well there is many many beautiful shemales in the world…
But Fernanda Rubio is one of the very few the most beautiful shemales ever!
Or I should better say “was”… Because she is wonderful female now: photo
No wonder, because she always had such a perfect body and the face sooo pretty…
She managed to live hear dream and live her life being what she was supposed to be from the beginning…
So lets enjoy her once again and admire her beauty ;)

Anna Malice


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