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For Sunday shemale collection our star is Barbara Vasconcelos…
Well known girl, one of the hottest ;)
And there is everything in this passionate scene…
From her wet blowjob… To fisting ;)
Even a little part where she is active (which I don’t like though)…
But her beauty as a shemale is something to be adored ;)

Anna Malice


45 votes, 4.71 avg. rating (94% score)

Chloae is becoming a real amateur deepthroat queen in my opinion!
She’s doing it so amazing and passionate…
Wow, her lover is so happy to have a such gurl to serve his cock…
She’s really giving her best…
And also enjoying it more than anything… Like a real sissy slut should of course! ;)
She is giving us sissies a perfect example how a real man cock should be treated by us :)

Anna Malice


93 votes, 3.82 avg. rating (76% score)

Seventh episode of Slut Hypnosis series, for our collection tonight…
Titled “Twerk”, created by HypnoSatisfaction…
I always like the concept where humiliation pov videos are mixed somewhere into hypno videos…
Of course along with captions and music, making the nice combination ;)
Hope you gurls are enjoying your sissy weekend :)
So enjoy this sissy artwork tonight too ;)

Anna Malice


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