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I want to wish all you sissy gurls nice weekend with another hot caption by Andrea…
Another dedication to all of you who visit this site ;)
Thanks Andrea once again! ;)


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For tonight’s hypno premiere I present a new creation by HoldItSissy…
5th episode overall… Titled “Monster Cocks” ;)
Another artistic ode to the greatest sissy’s obsession: big cocks!
That feeling when you see a beautiful real man big cock, when you realize that it is in your nature to adore them and serve them…
When you realize that you are a cock loving sissy slut ;)

Anna Malice


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Well today I’m in the mood to post another video of one of my all time favorite shemale stars…
Incredible Morena Del Sol!
I said many times, her body is literally a perfection!
True beauty for every of us sissies to idolize…
It would be like an ultimate dream to transform to be like her!
And she is always so passionate and full of energy…
In this scene too, while she is fucked hard by her man ;)

Anna Malice


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