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Well for tonight something different, not really a hypno/trainer…
Thanks Tamara for sending me this one ;)
Anyway, all you gurls probably know that feeling when you started realizing you are a sissy when you were watching porn long time ago…
And discovered that you watch it because of all those big juicy COCKS…
And you realized that you dream of being in the position of a girl…
And that magic moment when a girl takes out her partner’s cock out…
Here is one great “cock reveal” BBC compilation for tonight ;)
For all those sissies who experienced that magic moment when beautiful cock is in front of you…
And for those gurls who are dreaming of it ;)

Anna Malice


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Sexy Isabelly Ferraz is our shemale star again!
I said many times that she is one of the most beautiful…
Such a pretty face and a sexy curvy body ;)
Her scenes are always hot and passionate!

Anna Malice


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I hope you sissy gurls had a nice weekend :)
Well it’s time for a new sissy week and as usual we will start with our amateur collection…
Today’s star is a sexy London gurl Sami!
Her personal sexy compilation of cumshots ;)
Because you know that getting real man’s cum all over your face is sissy’s ultimate reward ;)

Anna Malice


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