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Emma Nice is back!
I know it always feels like a big day when our top sissy artists release new videos :)
So after some time, here is a new piece of sissy art from Emperorhypnos production!
Title says it all, it’s a video with so much power and energy! ;)
What more can I say, Emma does not need introduction! ;)
So sissies, enjoy!
And don’t forget to visit Emma’s wonderful blog:!

Anna Malice


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Sexy Domenica Galdino is our TS of the day!
Beautiful darkskinned tranny ;)
Hot fucking, multiple positions and a beautiful BIG cock ;)

Anna Malice


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Bruninha Cdzinha is a beautiful CD gurl from Brazil!
Here is two short blowjob videos from her…
For your inspiration ;)
And not only that she is so sexy…
She is indeed a good sucker ;)
Like every sissy should be!

Anna Malice


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