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Well for tonight’s premier I would like to post something special… ;)
We didn’t have something like this for some time now…
But I often receive requests for more videos like this ;)
Anyway, “Cuckold Hypno for Tiny Penis Losers” is a great creation by Shame Chaser…
Mixing Isabella’s voice into beautiful video mix…
Dedicated to all you tiny dick sissy gurls…
That know very well that you weren’t made to satisfy women…
But to serve real men ;) And you love that role ;)

Anna Malice


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I’m always glad to publish another Isabelly Ferraz video…
Because I think she is one of the hottest shemales ever ;)
So she is again a protagonist of our shemale collection!
It’s always amazing to watch her…
Because with that curvy body she’s a true sissy idol ;)

Anna Malice


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I hope all you my dear sissies are having a nice sissy weekend :)
Anyway, here is something inspirational for all of you on this Saturday ;)
This is short but sweet amateur video of a sexy Mexican gurl (I guess her name is Juliette)…
Getting pounded hard by her lover ;)
Really a beautiful love making!
P.S. Thanks to K.F. for sending me this ;)

Anna Malice


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