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Gurls, as I promised, I scheduled some videos to be automatically published while I’m away…
So that you sissies don’t miss your daily dose of feminization ;)
We almost completed Dana’s 10 level sissy training!
It’s time for episode 9 now! ;)
And in a few days we will complete this amazing sissy training and make a recapitulation ;)
So… Follow the instructions and enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice


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My dear gurls, I would just like to update you with some news! First of all I would like to let you know that I will be away for a few days… I probably won’t be able to read your comments and emails during that time. But no worries, I have managed to schedule a few videos to be published while I’m away to make sure that you gurls are entertained as usual while I’m gone. :) Also, when it comes to your emails… You know that I always try hard to respond to everyone’s email messages, even though I always receive A LOT of them… But with all the mess that was happening since summer with the site and with my private life, for some time I wasn’t able to reply to your emails at all! And then I ended up with way too many unread emails in my inbox, while I’m typing this I got around 350 unread emails in my inbox… I’m really sorry that some of you were waiting for my reply for so long because I always appreciate when someone take their precious time to write to me… Well about a week ago I finally started reading and responding to my emails, patiently one by one… Some of you already got my replies, some of you will receive them pretty soon! I will not left anyone’s email without a reply… So, if you happen to write to me last three or four months and you’ve never got a reply for me, check your inboxes these days :)

Now, some exciting news! As you all know 2015 was rough for me and for my website… But 2016 I hope will be a big year for this website and I have a lot of plans for it! In a few days it will be 5 years since this blog started and in a few months it will be 4 years since I moved to my own website! So it’s time to take this site to a new level this year and make it a place that you gurls will love even more! :) I won’t go into details yet, but soon I will announce some news. ;) The first thing: very soon the site will get a new design! It’s time to refresh it a little bit, make it responsive for mobile etc! But not only a new look, the site will also get some new options and features that I’m sure you gurls will love! I am working hard on that right now! So stay tuned for that! ;) Also, at this moment I am working hard trying to restore all lost videos and hopefully soon we will have a cleaner website with a lot less non-working videos! I am especially trying hard to restore some classic trainers that are lost for a long time now…

Anyway, that’s it for now, talk to you again in four days when I’m back, in the meantime new videos that I’ve already scheduled will be published as usual…

I LOVE YOU! <3 Anna

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Allana Ribeiro is our star of the day!
This is one hot scene…
Especially some camera angles and positions ;)
Really hot fucking ;)

Anna Malice


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