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It’s time for Saturday night hypno premiere!
Tonight, it’s a second episode of Fap2MyEx sissy hypno series!
Titled “Sasha Rose”, using this beautiful pornstar as the sissy idol ;)
Anothher high quality video, this time with addition of captions!
End result is really a super hot sissy artwork!
I will let you sissy gurls enjoy it and I hope you are having nice weekend :)

Anna Malice


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Beautiful Juliana Nogueira, she’s our Saturday shemale queen again! ;)
Again… It’s always a pleasure for me to post this beauty’s videos…
She’s a true shemale beauty and perfect sissy inspiration… ;)
This scene is also beautiful, she goes passionate as always…
I love all those kisses and hard fucking… So hot!

Anna Malice


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For the start of another Sissy Saturday I got one very hot amateur video… ;)
Featuring sexy CD gurl Wilma Ann…
Having some fun with some nice big black cock ;)
She’s a lucky gurl!

Anna Malice


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